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Why Choose SBI Credit Cards?

Credit cards are sturdy tools used to make payments, and those offered by the State Bank of India are prime examples of reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use credit cards. With a credit card, you have the liberty to spend money as you please and can make purchases online with no hassle whatsoever.

SBI Credit Cards

Owing to the increasing popularity of credit card payments, SBI credit cards are accepted almost everywhere today.

How To Apply for A SBI Credit Card

Applying for an SBI credit card online –

In each of the above cases, you would be required to submit certain pertinent details.

You will then be presented with each of the SBI credit cards on offer and can make comparisons between each.

Select the SBI credit card which is best aligned with your style of spending.

Submit your form and await a response from the Bank.

You can also apply for an SBI credit card offline by visiting a physical branch of SBI closest to you.

Making an SBI Card Payment

You can make an SBI credit card payment online or offline based on your preference and can do so quickly and conveniently.

Different modes of SBI card payment have different processing times associated with them, and you must be aware of the same.

Also important is to remember to pay your credit card bill before it is due.

Online methods for making SBI credit card payments

You can pay your SBI credit card bill online by any one of the following platforms.

  • Auto-debit
  • BillDesk
  • Credit Card Pay
  • IMPS
  • Mobile Banking
  • NACH
  • NEFT
  • PayNet-Pay Online
  • Paytm
  • SBI
  • UPI Payments
  • YONO

Offline methods for making SBI credit card payments

You can pay your SBI credit card bill offline by any one of the following platforms.

  • Make your credit card payment over the counter at an SBI Bank closest to you.
  • Pay your credit card bill at an ATM kiosk.
  • Use Dropbox – either manually or via electronic means.

SBI Credit Card Interest Rates

The SBI credit card interest rate refers to the charges you incur, a cardholder, each time you use the borrowed funds provided by your SBI credit card to carry out transactions.

This interest rate is applied only when the total amount due isn’t paid by you within the stipulated time frame, i.e., by the due date or the interest-free period,

The interest rate applicable on an SBI credit card varies following the card in question.

The 5 most popular SBI credit cards are –

  1. BPCL SBI Card
  2. IRCTC RuPay Credit Card
  3. SBI Card ELITE
  4. SBI Card PRIME
  5. SimplySAVE SBI Card

For the 5 most popular SBI credit cards, the interest rate stands at about 3.35 percent per month or 40.2 percent per year.


Take advantage of all that SBI credit cards have to offer today. Apply for an SBI credit card today. You can understand more about them on Finserv MARKETS.


What are the benefits of SBI Credit Card?

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