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JioPhone: What we don’t know, however want to

The highlight from Reliance Jio’s 40th AGM was the JioPhone. After speaking about reasonably-priced facts connections and offers over the past yr or so, Jio seems to be moving to the second one section of its plan. The company has been step by step increasing its portfolio of Lyf branded smartphones, but the Jiophone is a function smartphone with 4G connectivity, some thing Jio has been operating on for pretty a while now.

Operating System: Reliance Jio’s announcements most effective provide us the meaty a part of the deal. By the appears of factors, the Jiophone is smarter than everyday characteristic telephones. That leaves us 3 opportunities for the running machine on it.

The first consists of a forked and heavily stripped down version of Android. This is feasible for the reason that Jio’s apps have been originally constructed for Android and iOS. So, adapting them to an Android-based platform may be less complicated.


The 2nd choice for Jio would have been to construct its very own surroundings for characteristic telephones. The company has sufficient users to get builders interested by the long term, and it might go with Jio’s pitch that it’s miles a era business enterprise first. This, though could mean that Jio needed to rebuild its apps for the brand new platform, and now has to work on builders to construct extra for it.

Lastly, Jio can be the usage of one of the existing feature cellphone working structures, like Series 30+ used at the Nokia 3310. This could want the organization to evolve its apps to those systems, but also deliver Jio access to the re-present environment of programs.

The choice of working gadget is vital right here, due to the fact that it will play a huge rule in figuring out cease-user experience. One ought to argue that Jio’s target market here is those who do no longer have get right of entry to to any clever services, and that cease-consumer enjoy isn’t as crucial for the sort of market, as it’s miles in Tier I and II towns. But as any famous cellphone will prove, such an method never works inside the longer term.

App Support: The new edition of the Nokia 3310 helps stripped down variations of Facebook and Twitter, but doesn’t have WhatsApp. And that’s been one in all the biggest criticisms for that tool. Reliance Jio wouldn’t need that complaint for the Jiophone. In its claimed endeavour of connecting customers, Jio desires to ensure that famous apps are supported on its phone.

The simplest way to do this is by using offering a model of Android on the smartphone, since it adds support for the Google Play Store, but it will likely be exciting to see which direction Jio took. According to reports, the phone would not have WhatsApp assist.

Jiophone TV Cable: “Our young Jio engineers have created an innovation to assist them — a special and low cost ‘JioPhone TV cable’ that connects JioPhone with any TV, no longer just a clever TV, so that all JioPhone customers can enjoy viewing on the big display in their existing television units,” stated Mukesh Ambani on the AGM.

The JioPhone TV cable sounds plenty like an MHL cable that connects from the phone to the tv, thru HDMI. Alternatively, it could be a MHL to RCA cable, which could additionally cowl CRT televisions, which can be nonetheless present inside the markets Ambani spoke approximately. The live TV playback would manifestly come from Jio’s own Live TV apps. That stated, connecting to a CRT tv will nonetheless want a virtual to analog convertor somewhere in between. Something like this.

reliance-news18.jpg (1280×720)

Processor: We don’t usually hassle approximately the chipset going for walks on a feature smartphone, however with everything Reliance Jio has promised, a quad-center chipset might be warranted. Of path, we’ve visible low power chipsets streaming complete HD content material, so it shouldn’t be all that hard both.

Update: Qualcomm confirmed thru a tweet that the JioPhone runs at the Snapdragon 205 platform, that’s a twin middle chipset. Alternatively, Spreadtrum also says it has a few involvement in Jio’s feature phones. We assume this partnership is for future phones, however we are looking to verify the identical in the meanwhile.

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