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If you are going to lose a computer, higher it be a Chromebook

I misplaced my computer yesterday. I became a protracted bus experience that became even longer because of site visitors. I was a chunk off to start with, having gotten up in advance than common for the ride. By the time I got off the bus, my mind was mush.

I changed into sitting by using the window. The Chromebook that I had been the use of to do some writing became next to me, propped up between my seat and the wall of the bus. The Chromebook was very small (an Asus Flip with a ten.1 inch display screen), tucked away in a black sleeve, clearly hidden against the wall.

The accurate information is that whoever observed it’ll not be capable of getting right of entry to any of the files on the device. Unlike Windows and Mac laptops, there’s no easy hack around the specified password to get admission to a Chromebook. As additional protection, the documents saved on the computer are encrypted automatically by the operating device. The handiest factor the thief who stole the Chromebook can do with its miles reset it to a virgin nation.


The horrific information is that being a Defensive Computing guy, I stored a backup of what I was running on, on a USB flash force plugged into the laptop. My large mistake changed into no longer putting the flash pressure in my pocket once I became executed running.

When anybody thinks Chromebook, they assume cloud. The bus had Wi-Fi, however, it became miserably sluggish. I should have made a hotspot on my telephone for the Chromebook to connect to, however frankly, it in no way even passed off to me to backup the files I became running on to the cloud.

When it comes to the help birth of iOS and Android, you could say that Apple has Google (and nearly all of its companion OEMs) under the influence of alcohol underneath the table. Simply place, it’ll have a 2013 iPhone helping a 2017 operating machine by means of the fall.

But we have to factor out that “nearly all” Android producers aren’t always “all” manufacturers. China’s Xiaomi, as an example, has additionally publicly announced that its personal roster from the 2012 version year will take at the cutting-edge version of its custom Android interface, MIUI 9. This consists of the Xiaomi Mi 2 with the intention to flip 5 years old in November — bear in mind while the Snapdragon S-series was nevertheless around?

hp-chromebook-14-3780.jpg (1170×780)

While there are certain matters a producer can’t guide with many exclusive Android versions throughout 37 phones, Xiaomi can constantly replace aesthetics and improve its server-facet services to feed to all of us in its populace.

Microsoft is trying to tackle one in all the most important person gripes with its Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, extensively lowering the time spent updating the working device and transferring as many patches as viable to behind-the-scenes updates.

As it presently stands, the update system for Windows 10 is break up among exclusive revisions – online and offline. Online updates arise while you can nevertheless actively use your PC, even as offline updates require a reset and you can’t use your PC in any respect while they’re installing. Microsoft’s plan is to transport as many updates from offline to online because it likely can, which means more time spent the usage of your PC, less time waiting around. It’s approximate time; I can’t be by myself in occasionally spending the primary 20 mins of my running day observing a loading screen.

As it currently stands, a Windows 10 PC within the online phase can simplest test for improvements within the heritage, download them, and then watch for a reboot to be able to initialize the setup. With the changes Microsoft is outlining, person content which includes apps, settings and configurations can now be robotically sponsored up even as on line, at the same time as new OS documents can also be laid down. In idea, this must reduce the amount of time spent installing Windows 10 updates. A reboot will still be important to finalize the replace and restore content, however, the actual placement of the patch files can have already taken place.

In totality, this makes the replace method longer, but as more of it’s far taking location invisibly behind the scenes, customers shouldn’t be aware a distinction. “We didn’t need to sacrifice usability for offline time so the improve methods are run at a lower priority to provide for a fine performance,” defined Microsoft’s Jason Howard to SweClockers.

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