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Use This Simple Computer Tip to Save Time Using the Internet

Here is a simple component to analyze but is a huge time saver you really need to know about while using the Internet. I see many rookies or even experienced laptop customers making this blunder (and do not forget, I’m now not being critical; it’s no longer your fault in case you’re making this computer mistake). Don’t use a seek engine like Google or Bing to search for internet pages or internet sites if you already recognize the cope with! Search engines are like telephone books.

When do you operate a cellphone book? You use it to appear up to several if you do not know it, proper? You do not use a telephone e-book whilst you already know the quantity because that would be a waste of time and wouldn’t make sense, proper? But it’s exactly the error I’ve visible human beings repeatedly making over the various years I’ve helped humans with their computers.

For example, in my PC e-newsletter, I may also ship out a hyperlink to a lesson on my web page. Now commonly, you have to be able to click on it, but once in a while, email programs will “ruin” the link, so clicking it does not work. So what some human beings do is try typing the address of the link into a seek engine and end up not locating the web page!

That’s due to the fact the page in the instance is for my subscribers simplest, and so is an “unlisted number” (so to speak) which is not indexed in Google or other search engines like google and yahoo, similar to an unlisted range is not found inside the smartphone ebook.

Make sense? So how do you “at once dial the quantity” of a web page you understand? Simple. In your web browser window (a web browser is this system you operate to take a look at web pages, which includes Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer) at the pinnacle of the window, you ought to commonly see a bar with the deal with of the internet site you’re currently viewing.

So in case you are on Amazon, you’d see

or in case you’re the usage of Google, you’d see:

and so forth. In most cases, you’d honestly see something longer. However, it will usually begin with the “domain name” of the internet site.


That bar where you spot the deal with the website is referred to as the vicinity bar or the coping with bar. All you want to do to go to a website you recognize the address of, whether or not it’s a public page a personal page, is to click on ONCE at the address you spot in that bar, and usually, this will “spotlight” that cope with. You can then either hit the delete or backspace key on your keyboard to clear it, or generally, you could truely start typing, and the whole thing that is highlighted in blue will get replaced through what you’re typing. So in case you wanted to visit Facebook, you could kind:

computer internet

and that would work too because the first component is almost continually optional.

This is tons better than *searching* for and cope with finding it within the search consequences (or maybe no longer even locating it in any respect). Then clicking the link within the search consequences to get there, whilst you could dial direct. Even if it is a public page that is indexed, not less than you’ve wasted time and effort looking for something you do not need to search for because you realize in which it’s far.

Again, this is the use of a telephone ebook to look up a number of you understand — and if it is a private, unlisted net web page, like the ones I proportion with my newsletter, it won’t even flip up. Personally, the handiest time I type the cope with a website right into a search engine and search for it is when I’m seeking to study more *approximately* the site instead of searching to get there. To learn this simple laptop tip:

If you already know an address, just kind it into the address bar on the pinnacle of your net browser window and press the input key on your keyboard. Do not look for it as you’re at pleasant wasting time and effort, and at worst will not get in which you are seeking to cross. I desire that helps.

Worth Godwin is a laptop educate with over 15 years’ enjoy assisting PC users of all levels and has also worked for decades “in the trenches” as a hardware and software program tech, fixing actual-global laptop issues. Worth has also been studying the human mind and how humans learn since the early Nineteen Nineties. He draws upon all of this experience, in addition to his English and writing tiers, to teach humans uniquely with factors that really make the experience.

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