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Tips to Maintain Your Lawn

Having an outdoor living space is bliss since you can use that area for conducting various activities such as gardening, entertaining your friends, relaxing on weekends, and using that space for other recreational activities. While some like to indulge in multiple activities, some people like the idea of simplicity that involves a lawn with lush green grass that provides a feel of spaciousness revolving around the house. To specify, the lawn should be taken care of too since the grass, if overlooked, can die out, making the land appear dull. Therefore, preparing your little grassy paradise can enhance the aesthetics and transform your yard into a friendly place. Here are some tips for maintaining your lawn so that you can prevent it from being dull and weed-infested.

Maintain Your Lawn

1) Use a Rake to Dethatch-

Early spring is considered the best time to rake the dead grass that can encourage pests and diseases. These dead and dying grass shoots are referred to as thatch, and a little bit of thatch is good for the lawn, but too much of it can suffocate the area. Try to remove these dead grasses near the growth period; otherwise, an intense removal plan, later on, can be harsh upon your lawn.

2) Test the Soils pH Value-

One of the best ways to grow greener and healthier grass is to make the soil fit for the purpose. For that, test the pH level of the spoil, which should remain between 5 to 7. If the pH level is too high(alkaline), add sulfates to the soil; if it is too low(acidic), add lime in a broadcast spread. Always read the directions before adding additives to your lawn, and make sure you don’t go under or over-treat it. Therefore, test the pH level of the soil monthly.

3) Aerate the Lawn-

Confined soil can keep your lawn compact. By aerating the soil, the nutrients and water can be absorbed better by the roots, and it gives them the room to grow properly. Aerating could be done during the growth period with different tools depending upon the size of the lawn. You could use aeration shoes, manual push aerators for a medium-size lawn, whereas for larger spaces, rent a gas-powered aeration tool.

4) Weeding and Dealing with bare Spots- 

Grass does need its feed, and there is a time when you weed the grass but don’t overdo it. Weeding your grass makes sure your lawn has a major weeding problem to use all the harsh chemicals; otherwise, it will affect your grass. Once your lawn begins to bloom, there will be some bare spots that could be treated with reseeding and proper watering. Therefore, watering your lawn on time is the most important thing.

5) Call the Experts-

When you start everything from the scrap and try to build a beautiful lawn, it can be not easy on your own—owning a little information. This when you have to hire a landscape construction company to help you through the process. Relying on the services of the professionals will never disappoint you.

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