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Renewable Energy For Your Home: The Options Available

Renewable energy sources are all around you. The sun, the wind, and even the ground beneath you can provide your home power in various ways. It could be expensive, though, so you need to know which options are the best for your home.

Here is a short review of your possible options:

Solar Power

The most popular option is solar energy. Getting a solar power system in Salt Lake City, Utah, and other locations is pretty simple since all you need is solar panels on your roof. Having several feet of panels will allow you to get electricity every day. You can then use it to power various appliances. For example, HVAC expenses would be much lower if you use solar to power it.

Options Available

Besides the main use of solar panels, you can also use solar power in other ways. A good example of this would be to use solar heating for water. Instead of gas, you can use solar heaters that only use the sun as a power source for heating. The hot water is then passed through a radiator or stored for use.

Wind Power

If you have space for it, installing a wind turbine on your property can be a great idea. It can also be pretty expensive. It all depends on size, though. A small 100-watt turbine is available for around a few thousand dollars. If you want to power your entire property, then you need to make larger turbines or multiple ones. The biggest you can make can be around $50,000 and provide a good amount of power. You need to have a large enough property for this project, though. Smaller properties might complain about seeing turbines being built. Additionally, you will want it to be on a high elevation to catch as much wind as possible.

Hydro Power

A property that has running water on it can benefit from its presence. You can install a minor hydroelectric dam on your land and, as long as the water flows, you’ll have no problem. This is great for some farms. It creates a small reservoir while also generating electricity for your land. There will be a need for permits from the local government, but that should be easy to overcome. A single dam can generate enough electricity for your personal needs for as long as the water flows.


Another great favorite with farms and those that generate large amounts of biological waste is bioenergy. The waste is converted into biogas. This makes it perfect for running generators, but it can also be great for heating purposes. It is not as infinite as other power sources and takes some time to get up and running, but it does help with your waste problem. You can save money through better disposal while having an alternate source of electricity. The great thing about having renewable energy sources is that they provide a continuous supply of power. If you are in a remote area and a disaster happens, you might have problems getting power back. But with these energy options, you will have power no matter what happens.

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