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The Reason That I Stick To WordPress

When I started running a blog, I appeared unfastened website hosting, unfastened domain, and the whole lot free. Many free website hosting and area have finished a pretty precise process for me, like blogger, Ning, and WordPress.Com. They all are desirable sufficient for easy blogging for private and small businesses. But once I used WordPress.Org, I in no way flip returned to loose hosting and domain names. Let’s me List the cause that I stick on WordPress:

1. Easy to Install

Most web-website hosting realizes properly about WordPress, so they try their website hosting to incorporated with WordPress. For my website hosting, I use Powweb. In its Control panel, there is a WordPress button; you just click and follow the steps. I suppose not the most effective Powweb; most of each replace internet website hosting do that way.

2. Easy Setting

I have very Limited expertise approximately HTML, PHP, and CSS. They all seem heavenly language to me. I surely thank WordPress that they can create this amazing platform for everyday humans. If you inquire from me, ‘Is very easy to Setup WordPress,’ I will solution ‘No.’ At the same time, If you ask me again, ‘Is it too tough,’ I will answer ‘No.’ Especially for the beginners it has been greater challenges however it’s high-quality with human language. The first put up of FreeNewbie is “Nothing is Easy in Internet Marketing”; however, all are possible.

3. All Posts have their own Description and Keywords

By using some plugins, you could have a description in all posts. For other blogs, like blogger, you could have one Description and Keywords in one weblog.

4. Easy to be seen with the aid of search engine optimization

The gain is all your posts have their own description, so all posts are viable to be visible via SEO. If one in all your submits catches accurate key phrases and outline due to that put up, you can be on Search Engines front web page. That submit description may be extra powerful than your weblog essential description and keywords.


5. Rich in Plugins

Three days ago, I wrote Recommended WordPress Plugins; you can realize how critical plugins are for WordPress. WordPress does have actual sufficient plugins for its Children. It may be greater than sufficient (abandon).

6. Easy Tech Support

If you have any issues technically, there are many boards, blogs, posts, articles, and online services about WordPress. The WordPress network’s splendid issue is that there are so many developers accessible who’re inclined to assist out and provide you with the proper lead on your problems.

7. Bunch of Impressive Themes


There are a whole lot of unfastened subject matters as well as pay themes for WordPress. Suppose you don’t want the subject matter which you are using. It’s miles effortless to exchange. Sometimes it’s miles too smooth to trade, so it provides me trouble. Anyway, it is better than hard to change. Changing topics in WordPress is simplest a click away. You now must replica and paste a couple of documents and code/text like you probably did earlier than; it’s all well packaged into its own person topic folders. Create (or download), then add. Make that switch, and you are finished.

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