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Cruising Through Life With The Wind At Your Back

Did you ever notice how once in a while, lifestyles appear to come back at you want a sledgehammer, constantly knocking you down whenever you stand up and in the end experience like you’re beginning to get it? When you search, you notice infinite human beings that appear to get all of the great things. They can also appear to have cash thrown at them for motives that you locate tough to understand, seeing that a number of those people might appear to be the most superficial and undeserving, clearly no longer amongst the huddled hundreds for whom life is a steady battle.

Cruising Through Life With

Some others are blessed with precise fitness, and many’ve by no means been to a health practitioner, not because they have a few ingrown hatred for the scientific profession, but because it just in no way took place to them that a person else should affect a treatment higher than the human frame itself. As you could suspect, we are dealing here with multi-faceted trouble. What you understand certainly maintains a few pretty obvious truths, the overriding one being that existence would not seem truthful. That is a false impression. Considering lifestyles is certainly fair, or as far as it can be, expertise that everyone does not come into the game with the equal mental and intellectual gadget or information or in some instances, the identical bags. In brief, the gambling subject is not the same for absolutely everyone simply entering the game of life.

There is one thing for sure, there are motives in the back of the whole thing, and as you have heard before, I am positive that there sincerely are no injuries in all of reality. This might be difficult to understand, and I recognize you may say, “Why might I purposely inflict such ache and misfortune on myself?” It will in no way be completely understood until you understand that lifestyles are the result of your finely tuned perceptions, and your non-public notion is prejudiced, to say the least. You sincerely create your truth using your beliefs, mind, goals, emotions, and expectancies; however, they would in no way turn out to be actual without your perceptions. A lovely flower isn’t always real to someone who is blind and has no feeling of scent. The flower is of direction, real to itself.

One aspect you may relax assured of is which you stay multiple lives affording a couple of mastering possibilities, and thru the ones lives you acquire expertise, or at least you are alleged to. You do now not input your present life with a blank slate to be written upon with gift life revel in by myself. You may want to say that each existence is a similar extension of a preceding lifestyle enjoy, with a relaxation length in between; this amounts to what is called reincarnation and evolution. Each existence then adds to your totality of experience through the years until you’ve discovered all you need to analyze and circulate beyond the Earth truth system into extra hard possibilities. (What at this point will you be willing to label “revel in alien worlds.”

Even though this is not obvious to the Darwinian aficionados who’re locked into believing in a concept that holds no water, the physical frame does not evolve. Physical bodies really do now not evolve, but attention does. Consciousness evolves first and then creates the right frame, which serves its motive most effectively for a constrained time. We have no longer discussed that to any first-rate degree. However, you could relaxation assured I might not make that assertion if I did not intend to defend it later in our articles. You are searching for fee satisfaction even as right here on earth, gaining knowledge of to attention and controlling bodily count number right into a fine reality to gain knowledge of experience. As you examine, so does your soul research. You, and other personalities such as you, are in reality, the most effective way that your soul can enjoy the “Earth” bodily fact device.

Complete Souls, or as I pick to call them, Entities, virtually should in no way be contained in one bodily frame, so it does the subsequent first-class component; it creates from itself splinter or fragment personalities, sectioning off a portion of itself, which it then projects into a real device of its choice, for your case Earth inside the 21st century. It may want to have selected Earth within the year1940 if something could be gained from a one-of-a-kind term. All-time intervals exist in the now.

Your soul/entity chooses the particular machine to nice fit its desires and the needs of its personalities. This could occasionally bring about a mainly challenging existence for some and an extraordinarily pleasing, non-confrontational existence for others. It would help if you thought that the Soul/Entity is not a finished factor; it’s miles still mastering and growing, as are you, so there will be distortions and slip-ups from time to time. And you need to don’t forget this, within a series of earthly lives; the entirety will sooner or later be evened out, all studies tasted, and all money owed paid. So, if this lifestyle is an extremely attempting one, the next will more than probably be certainly one of a greater leisurely and trouble-loose experience.

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I want to start alternating the time period Entity with Soul, particularly because of the non secular connotations located at the term Soul. The Entity is all and extra than Soul without the religious dogmatism that sometimes blocks real information due to beyond nonsecular superstitions, rituals, fantasy, and symbolic mumbo-jumbo associated with organizationally imposed ideals. I also now and again alternate the capitalization of the phrases Soul and Entity. You consider that both have abilities and traits far exceeding any you characteristic to any god determine no matter religious persuasion. For those of you who still agree that God, Himself created you, the planet, and the universe, you’re partially proper; however, on the other hand, you are a long way off course.

Your Entity/Soul particularly created you and all different Earth involved Entities created all other earthly personalities because the start of time, as you realize it. As you imagine Him, God has seen you later ago developed out of contact with simple truth structures, that any kind of sensible touch is impossible. Still, contact is possible thru lesser entities and their personalities.

As maximum of my readers knows by using now, the generally held concept of a godparent sitting someplace Up There on a cloud, on a planet, or perhaps even straddling a comet is simple hogwash. It wishes to be discarded into the cosmic trash heap of old moronic standards that make no sense to the mind and mainly in your intuitive senses. You have long understood that these are nothing more than historic primitive myths and superstitions nonetheless accompanied by people with restrained minds and expertise.

I do not want to become involved with the god concept here because it truly has nothing to do with what I wanted to talk about. I have stated earlier that God is not a personality, no longer a superhuman being of some type, but a Divine Process, an Energy Essence Personality of the highest order, the One Prime Source.

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