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Should I Get Certified As A Windows Phone Developer?

The question approximately going into Windows Phone development is now being asked via increasingly more cellular developers. With Windows Phone being the fastest developing cellular operating system in 2013, Microsoft has doubled its marketplace proportion in the cellular enterprise inside the last year. But is becoming a certified Windows Phone Developer an excellent idea now? In this text, we urge you to think cautiously. While the Windows Phone market share was developing progressively in 2013 (making it the 1/3 maximum-used cell running machine after Android and iOS), the giant made its remaining claim for leading the mobile world using buying Nokia in September.

Windows Phone Developer

So now, Microsoft’s foremost undertaking appears to be growing an effective environment for both phones and tablets. As they cross alongside, there’ll certainly be a high demand for Windows Phone Developers. Even now, Microsoft’s not going terribly: with the integration of SkyDrive, Office Mobile, Office 365, and so forth, the organization is certain on the proper music. Yet, there is nonetheless lots to work on, mainly inside the area of smaller/inexpensive purchaser apps, to step up the opposition with the chief, Google’s Android. Not pretty, in this situation, the MCPD: Windows Phone Developer certification can also look like an awesome alternative for you, as there will, in reality, be a growing demand for Windows Phone app developers. Yet, as it commonly occurs, things are a bit more complex than they’ll see. We will try and persuade you that you’ll need at least a few HTML 5 information, up to the factor whilst MCSD: Windows Store Apps certification may be a higher lengthy-time period goal (in preference to the old MCPD: Windows Phone Developer you may be eying).

Is there anything wrong with MCPD: Windows Phone Developer Certification?

Where will we start? The component is, this certification is strongly targeted on Silverlight. This is satisfactory, considered that that is what Windows Phone development is now based totally on. Yet, it could no longer be so pleasant once you don’t forget that Microsoft has quite much dropped Silverlight in 2011. Additionally, the certification consists of the 4th model of Silverlight amongst its steps, although the platform was updated to Silverlight 5 back in 2011. So why have they not updated the certification yet? Although it will be supported until 2021, you don’t ought to be a genius to keep in mind that it won’t be ultimate that lengthy: Microsoft has announced it might be shifting to HTML five as an alternative. Why might Microsoft kill its proprietary technology? Just appearance a few years again, and it will likely be clear.

History Repeats

2 years after his death, Steve Jobs still stays the trendsetter of the tech world. And it is now not his devices (and the latest loss of Apple’s innovation) we’re speaking about. Do you not forget the outrage caused by Apple’s selection not to assist Flash on its gadgets? This way, Apple created the AppStore concept we recognize today: getting access to things you want through apps, which, in turn, brings large monetization potential to the owners.

Looking lower back, you will now nation that the battle between Apple and Adobe over Flash had caused the HTML5 we use nowadays. And in 2011, Microsoft took the path of transferring away from the Silverlight in the direction of using HTML5 and remaining the door on its own proprietary technology. The organization admitted it’d be losing its efforts to make Silverlight the leading move-platform runtime for the web and the desktop.

Windows Phone Developer

What Exactly is Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight enables writing and strolling wealthy Internet packages, much like Adobe Flash. The run-time surroundings for Silverlight are to be had as a plug-in for internet browsers walking under Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Silverlight can impart video streaming. It has been used for the NBC insurance of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and the 2008 conventions of the US Democratic and Republican parties. Until recently, it’s been utilized by Netflix to allow its immediate video streaming. However, the service has announced its switch to HTML5 inside the close to future.

Truth be told, Silverlight had compatibility issues with browsers for years, and many developers weren’t crazy about its features. Yet, it completed its project on a regular platform to deliver wealthy online content, with online video streaming being the quality and brightest of it. Convenient? Yes! But as a user, could you buy an app for something you may get without one, just via your browser? We did not think so. And neither did Microsoft. Now the agency treats its own technology precisely how Apple dealt with Adobe’s Flash years in the past.

This platform is not something Microsoft can eliminate within a day: the employer will support Silverlight five till 2021. Although it can nevertheless appear a long way away, it is obvious that HTML5, a quicker and cleaner generation, will take its place. Considering that Adobe has dropped Flash as a mobile platform for being too strength-consuming and too slow, it’s only a count of time till Microsoft does the identical with Silverlight (even though it’s not almost as heavy).

Moreover, Microsoft is now confronted with the want to capitalize on its Windows Phone and Nokia funding, and that is something Bill Gates’ organization can once more research from their founder’s lifelong rival, Mr. Steve Jobs: heading toward a lean and consistent app store-based totally surroundings, where laptop and cell surroundings are harmonically aligned, and the monetization capability is high. And, with Windows Phone showing the very best growing prices this 12 months, Microsoft appears to be on the right music eventually.

Windows Phone Developer

This article pretty lots shows why to consider that whilst having the MCPD: Windows Phone Developer certification could be very useful nowadays (to get the job you want ASAP), you need to keep in mind that the era may be very in all likelihood to alternate quickly. And, if you already maintain a Windows Phone Developer certification, you could significantly want to think of choosing upon a number of that HTML5 and JavaScript expertise you may in the end want – on an actual expert degree. So, DO recollect MCSD: Windows Store Apps to be more secure in this ever converting tech world.

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