3 Instant benefits of shifting to Dedicated sever

Having a dedicated server and resources for hosting your website can do wonders for your online presence. When you buy hosting plans for the first time, you tend to choose shared plans that are not only affordable but include limited resources. Highly suitable for new businesses, these shared hosting plans, however, prove to be inadequate once your business starts growing and the website witnesses increased traffic volumes. This is where the need for dedicated server hosting is felt. Let us look at some of the instant benefits of shifting to a dedicated server.

Dedicated sever

Access to Dedicated Resources

A shift to dedicated hosting plans means your website is the only one being hosted on a server and it is available for your exclusive use. This means you have:

  • The exclusive use of the CPU or the RAM and the bandwidth that allows your website to perform well even during peak business times.
  • Root Access to the Server so that you can add your own software and configure settings as per your requirements.
  • You can run any kind of application or implement special server security measures to keep your website safe and secure. You can even use a different operating system from that of the hosting service provider.

Better Security

A dedicated server offers better security with the removal of concerns related to sharing of server resources with several other websites. When you buy shared hosting plans you are putting your website at the risk of security concerns that may arise due to the functioning of other fraudulent websites and inappropriate activity on them. Now, dedicated server infrastructure is accessible by only your website. This means greater security against:

  • Malware and hacks
  • Denial of Service or DoS attacks

You can also implement additional security measures by including new layers of security and access control in the applications installed by you. This will help you protect your customer and business data.

Reliable and Improved Performance

The exclusive usage of a server brings with it the advantage of reliability. Access to dedicated resources like storage and bandwidth ensures that you do not have to worry about dealing with sudden increases in website traffic or growing business needs. When you buy dedicated hosting plans you are assured of taking advantage of new opportunities without worrying about the availability of resources. A dedicated server allows you to scale up as and when required.

A dedicated server means continuous performance with little scope for server crashes and breakdowns. Since your website has extra resources to handle high traffic, it continues to load and perform at a good speed. This power of having dedicated resources ensures that you provide an optimum experience to your customers.

When you decide to shift to dedicated hosting plan, choose a service provider that provides the necessary support for ensuring the smooth performance of your website. Prefer service providers that offer multiple support channels like live chat, email, and phone. So, get ready to have more flexibility, scalability, and better management of your website when you shift to a dedicated server in India. You can also look forward to faster loading times and peak performance of your website thereby ensuring a better customer experience.

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