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Here Are Some Precautions To Be Taken To Avoid Used Car Scams

A new car has the reliability of the manufacturer attached to it. New cars are thoroughly tested, and even a small snag is taken very seriously by the carmaker. However, you don’t get such assurance when you buy a second-hand car. Fraudulent dealers can hand you a raw deal on used cars. Fortunately, most of their tricks are quite predictable and well-documented. Therefore, with some precaution, you can ensure that your used car is a good buy. Here are some of the protection that you can take:


A common tactic to force a decision out of you is to play with the car’s availability. You will be shown a car supposedly shortlisted by another buyer buying it an hour, a vehicle whose price is lowered only for today; the seller is changing his mind about selling the car, so it is better to buy it now, and so on. These are lies told only to give you limited thinking time and go for a panic buy.

  • Excellent deals

Trust your instincts when it comes to the price. If the seller is quoting a meager price, more often than not, there is a reason. The car may have some major fault, the title may be disputed, or worse, the vehicle may be stolen. Besides, such deals could be fictitious and attempt to lure customers into the dealer outlet to showcase higher-priced cars. Besides, such sales could be unreal and try to attract customers to the dealer outlet to showcase higher-priced cars. It is better to go for a more expensive yet reliable vehicle and take a secondhand car loan if required after checking your used car loan eligibility.

  • Concealed problems

Another risk with a used car is that you wouldn’t know about the vehicle’s history. Consult a trusted person or mechanic to check the selected car thoroughly. You should also check the insurance claim history of the vehicle with the insurance company to ensure that it was not a party to any serious accidents and underwent major repairs.

  • Transaction amount

The dealer can underquote the car’s price by stripping down the basic cost elements of the vehicle. For instance, you may find an attractively priced car only to find that basic accessories like a music system or AC are missing, or the vehicle is uninsured or needs emission upgrades. If you apply for a secondhand car loan, consider the car’s total cost, not just such stripped-down costs.

  • Odometer rollback

The number of kilometers is a crucial factor in used car valuation. However, sellers can tamper with the odometer and lower the kilometers to give the vehicle a “sparingly used” tag. You can check the car’s service records to compare the kilometers and avoid analog odometers as they are more prone to such fraud.

Used car loans can be a pocket-friendly way of car purchase. Always check a used car loan EMI calculator to determine your applicable loan terms. Once you finalize your car, choose a used car loan from a reputed lender for a transparent and competitively priced deal and a stellar loan customer experience.

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