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Egress Windows – What You Need to Know About Them

Egress windows are the windows placed outside your main window and are used to ensure that the outside air enters your house instead of staying within the house itself. These windows have different shapes, sizes, materials, and other opening mechanisms, such as slide, pivot, or swing.

What is an egress window, and why are they so important? Egress windows are simply large holes in your home’s exterior walls that allow fresh air into your home.

The purpose of egress windows is to prevent moisture from building up inside your home.

If you’re considering purchasing egress windows, you need to know what they are and how they work.

Egress windows are a common feature in new homes and even existing homes. They’re used for two reasons: to prevent moisture from building up inside the house and to allow fresh air into the home.

This blog will help you understand what egress windows are, what they do, and how to install them.

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Egress Windows

Egress windows

The egress window is a window that allows fresh air into your home. They are usually installed on the side of your home that faces the street.

They should be installed on the side of your house that receives the most sun. If you live in a hot area, you may consider installing an air conditioning unit.

In some areas of the country, the temperature difference between the inside and outside is so extreme that an egress window can help prevent heat stroke.

While there are many benefits to installing egress windows, they can also be dangerous.

You must check the manufacturer’s instructions before installing your windows.

For example, if you plan on installing a double-hung window, make sure that it does not interfere with the movement of the window frame or the window sashes.

What are egress windows?

If you live in a humid climate, then you probably already know that moisture can build up in your home, causing damage to the structure.

If you have a garage, you might have noticed that your garage door can leak, and when that happens, you’ll have to spend money replacing the garage door.

But what if your home doesn’t have a garage? What if you have a small house with an attached garage?

Well, the same thing will happen to your home.

A small leak from your house can lead to a much larger leak, leading to mold, mildew, rot, and even structural damage.

So how do you fix a leak?

The solution is to install an egress window.

These windows can be installed in almost any house with an exterior wall capable of handling the weight.

They can also be installed in the basement, attic, and house crawlspace.

In other words, they can be installed in almost any area of the house.

But how do they work?

Well, they are large holes in the house’s exterior wall that allow air to flow freely in and out of the house.

Now, that’s good for the home.

It allows the house to breathe and prevents moisture from building up inside the house.

But you need to understand that they are not always the best solution.

You see, not all houses are built to handle an influx of fresh air.

Many houses were built before modern technology, and as such, they may have too small windows to allow a lot of air to pass through.

In these cases, it is better to seal the leak than install an egress window.

What is the best way to secure them?

There are two types of egress windows: interior and exterior.

Interior windows are installed in your home’s interior and are not visible outside. They usually have a single pane of glass, traditionally found in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages.

They’re very common, and they’re relatively inexpensive to install. They are the most effective at preventing moisture buildup but are the easiest to break.

On the other hand, exterior windows are larger and are often made of double or triple panes of glass. ‘They are much more effective at keeping moisture out, but tey’rerder to secure. They’re much more expensive, and they’re also more difficult to break.

When you purchase an egress window, you can choose between an exterior or an interior window. The exterior windows are typically much more expensive than the interior ones, but they’re also far more durable.

The interior windows can be secured with a standard deadbolt lock, while the exterior windows require a different type of lock.

How do they work?

Egress windows can be made from several materials, including metal, wood, plastic, glass, and vinyl.

In most cases, the best material for egress windows is metal because it is durable, water resistant, and offers a high level of insulation.

Egress windows can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Both types have pros and cons, and it’s important to choose the right kind of egress window based on the size of your home.

Frequently asked Questions about Egress Windows. 

Q: How long do Egress windows last?

A: As long as they are well maintained. For residential projects, we recommend that they be installed for three years. Commercial buildings should be established for seven years. If the windows are installed incorrectly or not properly maintained, they may not last long.

Q: Can I replace them?

A: Yes, but it is good to check with a professional.

Q: What kind of warranty do they offer?

A: Egress windows are made to handle extreme weather conditions. They are tested to withstand wind speeds of 90 miles per hour. They are also tested to withstand heavy rain, snow, sleet, and hail. They do not require special warranties or inspections.

Q: What should I look for when buying Egress Windows?

A: When shopping for Egress Windows, look for high-quality materials and artistry.

Top myths about Egress Windows 

  1. Windows are not necessary for houses.
  2. Glass windows cannot be properly secured.
  3. Windows should not be painted.


When it comes to windows, you must choose the right ones for your home. You’re probably spending more on windows than on anything else in your house.

That’s why you must know what to look for in windows. This includes things like window material, frame, style, and insulation.

This is a very coercive list of questions you want to ask your builder, but it’s worth remembering that builders are often a bit vague when talking about their windows.

That’s why you need to do some research to get answers specific to your needs. I think that you’ll find that Egress Windows is a great option for your home.

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