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A Nerd-Free Lesson – How to Install a WordPress Template

In the beyond, you had to have a sophisticated diploma in nerd-communicate just to get a WordPress template mounted. But nowadays, in most cases, it really is now not the case. The reason of this academic is to reveal you, the Average Joe (or Josephine), the way to install a WordPress template that you’ve purchased or gotten at no cost from the internet.

I should mention that I’m making 3 assumptions here.

Assumption #1 is that you are website hosting your very own WordPress website and do not have one hosted for you thru WordPress.Com (that is important – but don’t worry. I’ll display you later the way to host your own WordPress web page that you may regulate easily!)

Assumption #2 is that your hosting employer established WordPress for you (GoDaddy and Fantastico are the maxima not unusual). This will routinely provide your website the “permissions” necessary to make updates and upload your subject matter in WordPress.


Assumption #3 is that the template you’ve got obtained came to you in a zipper report. A zip document is essentially a group of documents that might typically be too large (or too big of a pain inside the you-realize-what) to add suddenly.

The icon for a zip report to your laptop form of seems like a stack of books lying on their aspect, the spines dealing with you. They’re usually the identical color (on the PC at the least. I’m no longer positive about a Mac): green on the bottom, blue in the middle, crimson at the top. Don’t fear approximately doing some thing with these documents! We’re going to use them exactly the way they are.

Now for the laugh element.

Step 1:

Log into your WordPress web site (keep in mind, this desires to be a website you host your self and no longer one from WordPress.Com). This has to take you in your Dashboard (however you are probably familiar with this web page, proper?)

Step 2:

Click on the little arrow next to the Appearance module at the left-hand side of your screen. A collection of extra selections needs to drop down. One of those choices will be “Add New Themes”. If you don’t see it, don’t panic. Click on “Themes” and look at the pinnacle of the subsequent screen. There has to be an “Add New” button on the pinnacle of it that’ll help you add a brand new topic.

Step 3:

Assuming you are on the web page that asserts “Install Themes” on the pinnacle, click on the “Upload” tab just underneath the “Install Themes” type on the pinnacle of the web page. A new page will arise, asking you to discover the zip file to your PC.

Step 4:

Locate the zip record to your laptop, click on it, and hit the “Install Now” button simply to the proper. Now do nothing. Let the laptop do its “magic”.:)

A series of popularity updates will inform you what the laptop is doing. Unzipping the record, and many others. Essentially, it’s putting the contents of the file within the locations they belong in an effort to make the template work well.

But wait! We’re now not executed!

After the display screen tells you that the template has been installed correctly, you’ve still gotta do Step 5!

Step 5:

You’re given three alternatives: Preview, Activate, or Delete. You may want to preview the template you have loaded, simply to make sure it is the right one. If it appears desirable to you, close that display screen and click on on the “Activate” tab.

Your WordPress template is now lively and people can see the fruits of your hard work! How appropriate does your web page look now???


In a few uncommon times, there are a few cases where you will want to put in the template thru the FTP. However, until you get blunders whilst you install the template the way I’ve just advised you and have exhausted tapping the understanding of your pal who knows WordPress, I’d stay away from logging into the FTP.

The capacity to “wreck something” in there is just too amazing. And in my experience, if you smash something and do not know what you’re doing (that is genuine for computer systems, vehicle repair, and just about some thing else in existence), it feels mucho dinero to get it constant.

In the end, persist with the 5 steps you’ve been given here and your website online will be up, walking, and look super very quickly!

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