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The Sony VAIO TT – Sony’s Answer to the Mini Laptop Boom?

Sony is yet to grace the marketplace with a VAIO mini PC; in reality, Sony has been overtly reluctant to supply and sell a netbook. Sony executives have stated that the reasonably-priced pocketbook concept would not align with Sony’s “premium” corporate photograph. That stated I’ve seen Sony make a few pretty garbage electrics before, my TV as an instance, so this can be taken two methods: snobbery or a funny story.

But in recent years, Sony has come out with some very proper, very up-market merchandise that assists this declare. Sony’s Bravia TV range is a market chief, they have got endured the ‘Walkman’ legacy towards the may of the Apple iPod and iTunes, and in gaming, it’s prolonged its PlayStation logo, replacing the nice-seller PS2 with the PS3 with a remarkable £425 RRP in opposition to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. Its VAIO laptop line is also superb.

But have they left the netbook market altogether? Technically, yes. Try searching “netbook” on Sony’s VAIO mini-website online – no effects. Sony doesn’t always be associated with the cheap and pleasing photograph provided by way of Asus when it brought out the Eee PC. But they do have a VAIO computer. This is small, light, and transportable: the VAIO TT.


The TT is an excellent product, providing an eleven.1-inch display, up to nine hours battery existence and weighing a petite 1.3kg, placing it on par with the 8.9 inches HP 2133 mini-be aware and lighter variations of the Asus Eee PC a thousand. All TT fashions feature a sturdy carbon fiber chassis in a desire of two colorings, ‘extreme noir’ and ‘gold fever.’ Sony declares carbon fiber is “used in a racing car or plane manufacturing that’s 200% stronger and 30% lighter than traditional substances used in laptop chassis layout.”

A bi-made from the bigger display is a bigger keyboard that is very nearly (however no longer pretty) akin to a full-length notebook. The keys are big and separated slightly, with the center of each key indented marginally for better accuracy.

With Sony’s TV historical past, the 11.1 display comes with quite a few understanding. Viewing on its widescreen sixteen:nine aspect ratio and 1366×768 decision, is delightful. Also, the ability to read blue-ray discs (or any disc) offers a long way more flexibility. You don’t should faff round burning DVD’s or downloading movies on-line – and the best is such that the viewing satisfactory isn’t always compromised both.

The massive battery lifestyles – as much as 9 hours – lends itself to use while away on business, greater than enough for a complete operating day. Sony has incorporated a selection of strength-saving and efficiency capabilities, which include the battery care feature which prevents put on and tear at the batteries, automated adjustment of LCD brightness according to the surroundings you’re running in and the use ultra-efficient Intel Centrino 2 technology.

Connectivity is certainly at theTT’s coronary heart, with embedded 3G ‘Everywair’ on several models with speeds as high as 7.2mbps. A T-Mobile Sim card is integrated on a free trial. Luckily, you could cast off it and use your very own Sim card so that you’re now not bound to a brand new settlement.

Perhaps then, Sony has very without a doubt entered the mini PC marketplace, but in particular advertising it as if they have not. Oh yes, the internet site bangs on “slim and sophisticated layout” and the way portable it is, however, Sony may be very reluctant to apply the ‘n’ word. Perhaps it wishes to be said for them, possibly not.

The distinction between the VAIO TT and a standard netbook like the Asus Eee PC or the Acer Aspire One is so profound. Are they in the same league? Price sensible, truely not; the VAIO TT is predicted to retail at around £1,200for access level fashions, as compared with a more modest £200-300 on your regular mini PC. It’s sincerely simply as portable and useable; but, it’s far clear Sony’s taken exceptional portability techniques.


Asus pioneered the netbook via beginning afresh, constructing a small pc that would deal with simple responsibilities processing, short internet and making it less costly. Sony’s solution became to lessen the size and weight to make it ultraportable while preserving splendid performance. The end result is a very excessive performance pc, that has the dimensions and weight properties of a netbook – it’s far, if you want, the sophisticated mini pc.

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