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7 Reasons to Eat More Raw Foods

The perception of eating RAW meals sounds overseas… Even unusual… To most of us when we first hear it.

When I first moved to Los Angeles and heard of consuming this way, the very first component I expected turned into sushi and steak tartare (which I tried as soon as and idea was lousy). But generally when a person is speaking me approximately raw ingredients, they do not speak me approximately these foods at all.

What they may be speaking me about is life, nutritionally-dense, natural (whilst feasible) minimally processed plant-primarily based meals. Not the “food-like merchandise” that we’ve got become acquainted with grabbing at the move.

Live foods that nurture our bodies, support our immune systems and help hold us healthy. Foods that consist of uncooked greens, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Sounds quite dull, right? But it’s now not. I promise.


Although some people are purists, that means they eat one hundred% uncooked 24/7, you’ll obtain benefits from ANY extra quantity of uncooked food which you upload for your weight loss plan.

My twin infants and I are not purists. We’re what’s considered “excessive-uncooked,” because of this that our diets consist predominately of raw, stay ingredients.

Personally, I attempt to feed myself and my sons ninety% plant-primarily based meals with 60-70% of these ingredients being uncooked. A massive portion of the opposite 30% is gently steamed or gently sauteed.

There are numerous compelling motives for adding more uncooked meals on your food regimen. Here are 7:


When food is cooked, its biochemical shape is altered from its unique kingdom and up to 90 percent of water soluble nutrients (vitamins B and C) and lipid soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K) can be lost.

When ingesting a great part of your ingredients uncooked, you attain the overall nutritional benefits of your meals and each mobile, tissue and organ of your body blessings.


The typical American weight-reduction plan including in most cases commercially processed delicate “ingredients” could be very acidic.

And an acidic body is also an infected one. Inflammation performs a critical function in heart disease-the number one killer of Americans.

Furthermore, when you consume an acidic food regimen, you provide a fertile breeding ground for chronic diseases inclusive of most cancers. Dr. David Servan-Schreiber discusses this in the remarkable element in his book, “Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life.”

Vegetables, veggies, sprouts and a few low-sugar end result all upload to the alkalinity of your blood, making it an awful lot extra difficult for sicknesses like cancer to breed-therefore shielding you from coronary heart disorder and most cancers… And many more serious-and probably deadly-illnesses.

Then there are the nutritive components of a weight loss plan high in unadulterated plant foods: the beneficial phytonutrients, fatty acids and antioxidants that in addition reduce your hazard of disorder by competently feeding your tissues and boosting your immune machine.


The boom in strength is incredible.

I’ve fallen off the wagon numerous times in the last five years that I’ve been practicing an excessive-raw life-style-and there is a big distinction within the way I experience.

When my food regimen is low in uncooked foods, I’m very torpid. When it is at its maximum, I experience a natural strength.

Why is that this?

It’s because digestion is a totally electricity-in depth technique, in particular, while the body is faced with heavily processed ingredients and large amounts of animal proteins.

When we free up a number of this energy with the aid of fueling it with clean-to-digest ingredients, we FEEL it-and our enzymes are unfastened to do other critical work, like freeing pollution and restoration itself.


When I first have become interested in the uncooked life-style, I lost 5 very stubborn kilos pretty a whole lot in a single day. Weight that I’d been trying to lose for months. This weight and a pair more pounds came off easily and stayed off.

The body has no problem digesting most raw ingredients. It procedures them without problems and absolutely.

According to Natalia Rose, creator of “The Raw Food Detox Diet,” this isn’t always the case with processed and a few cooked foods. Foods that tend to create a form of waste that the body has a difficult time processing.

Some of this waste stays within the body, stored indefinitely, contributing to problems together with weight benefit and toxicity.


Raw plant-primarily based ingredients comprise live enzymes which without a doubt help your ingredients digest themselves.

Also, except you are consuming a whole lot of improperly mixed, complex raw dishes (which you may without difficulty do at a buffet-fashion raw meals characteristic), you won’t ought to cope with plenty-if ANY-bloating while ingesting excessive-uncooked.

I never experience bloated whilst consuming excessive-raw. Never. Even if I’d just had three uncooked truffles with sweet raspberry sauce. I absolutely can’t say that after I’m ingesting frequently cooked meals.


Raw culmination and vegetables will hydrate and nourish your organs and keep the whole lot more youthful.

A lot of uncooked foodists file the go back of youthful, dewy pores and skin and clearer eyes when they take in the uncooked way of life.


3_eat_more_bread_grafvision.jpg (2400×1499)

You simply sense greater alive while consuming raw meals.

I’m critical. You do. I assume most (if now not all) raw foodists and fans like me might attest to that.

I every now and then get an brilliant “high” from a number of my uncooked soups and smoothies. I also experience happier while ingesting excessive-uncooked. There’s a sense of “wellbeing” that you feel whilst you nurture your body with vitamins-particularly while you eat huge quantities at one sitting.

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