Which Do You Prefer? A Traditional Website Or a WordPress Website?

Just these days, we have had a educate on the New Coach Connection Yahoo organization percentage their story of getting a WordPress web site constructed, but it took the dressmaker a long time to get the web page up and walking, plus the price was unjustified for the paintings that became finished. Her question to the institution become what is a standard value and did it make the experience to have the website designed in WordPress or some other platform? It seemed that every one WordPress sites have this “bloggy” appearance.

Coming from someone that has constructed web sites in conventional software program platforms such as FrontPage and now WordPress, I can proportion with you that it does feel greater in case you are constructing a site from the ground up. It simply depends on whether you need all the “bells and whistles” to accompany your web page.

Now if it is not apparent by now, I’m a WordPress fan in terms of blogs and static websites. The primary purpose why I switched to designing sites within the WordPress platform, first of all, is to give the customer full control of their website online as soon as the layout piece changed into finished. With conventional site software, the client must have a few sort of HTML editor application with the intention to make their personal edits. If they do no longer have the software program, then they need to buy it…A further price for their commercial enterprise. But with WordPress, as long as they have a browser window, then they have got access to their web page!


Some of the group members additionally expressed subject of the limitations in WordPress when it came to layout customization. This is authentic in case you are using loose topics for your weblog or website. I propose top class issues which have extra customization capability or I advocate a WordPress clothier that could create a custom-made theme this is open to upgrades and enhancements. I will caution you that having a dressmaker make your personal subject might be an extensive boom in cost versus a prepared-made top class subject that simply desires a few color and image picture customization carried out to it. Another bonus could be to find a fashion designer that is aware of a way to control a subject matter and create additional sidebars so that you can manipulate the varieties of content material that you have on each sidebar page.

Lastly, I need to share with you that WordPress has really made an effect in incorporating social media, video sharing, club websites and now discussion board websites into their platform. That is some thing you may no longer find in a traditional website design software program. I consider I need to paintings with a CMS machine that lets in for a business increase in my internet site…My online identification.

And in case you do now not already use WordPress in your weblog (and/or website), don’t forget to switch to their platform.

I can be happy to design your website online for you or teach you the way to create your own site in WordPress. Email me if you are inquisitive about an internet site method consultation!


One-click on set up is the quickest and simplest way to get WordPress up and running on your internet site. For this, you will need a web hosting provider that offers cPanel internet based totally management software. If your host would not provide you with cPanel, you’ll want to study Manual WordPress Installation.

Here are a Step-by means of-Step to install WordPress with cPanel

1. Log into your cPanel account and look for a Fantastico Icon (Smiley Face) and click on it

2. In Fantastico, Navigation Menu click on WordPress

3. Choose New Installation

thepassion-video-hosting-wordpress-website-template.jpg (1200×983)

4. Choose on which Domain you wish to Install WordPress. Unless you have a subdomain, there must most effective be one Domain (www.Yourdomain.Com). If you have Subdomains registered, then you definitely just pick the only you want to Install WordPress on. Install in the directory – depart empty except you have already got WordPress set up on your domain and also you want to add a new WordPress directory, as an example www.Yourdomain.Com/blog, just input blog inside the empty area with out the “/”. Admin gets admission to facts – these are you log in info. Base configuration – Choose your admin nickname, electronic mail cope with, website online name, description of your site and now Install WordPress.

5. Finish Installation. Fantastico will create a cutting-edge database for you and create the necessary WordPress files.

6. In case you did not write down the admin info, fill for your e mail address and the details of the WordPress Installation may be e-mailed to you.

7. Go for your Domain. You need to have your WordPress Installed now with a default WordPress topic.

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