This Life Is an Audition for the Next

I am frequently asked “What is my motive in existence?”, “Why am I right here?” “What does God have planned for me?” and so, despite the fact that I actually have touched on some of these topics before, I feel that it’s far important to encompass some of them collectively in reality because of the gross false impression of this very crucial problem to many humans.

Some people by no means appear to certainly make a considerable attempt at life, preferring rather to the type of hang around in existence and anticipate something properly to show up to you or to die. I suppose much of that is due to flawed thoughts about God which have been taught, not most effective in church buildings, religious institutions, and their misleading religious dogma however additionally in colleges, in “self-help” books and by way of psychologists and scientists alike making existence appear without any specific motive and useless. It seems like there need to be some mystery, hidden, elusive that means to life that could by no means be discovered via the everyday person, and that no matter how difficult you try, you are sure to be met with the aid of frustration, failure and subsequently died and certain destruction, however, this is ways from the fact.


This type of outlook is based in part on some distorted idea that the universe is in some way pre-determined in its moves, set into movement with the aid of a far off and capricious god with the available strength starting to use up on the very second advent changed into completed and destined to fall apart in some final cataclysmic occasion for a while in the future, with all life as you know it finishing with annihilation and extinction and also you to your gift life, meeting with something quite similar simplest on an extra instant time scale.

With this kind of destiny to stay up for, it is no marvel that mankind can fall into malaise and melancholy, believing that lifestyles have no actual which means and that non-public extinction awaits at their loss of life, so it by no means happens to them that by using living their existence the best they could within their non-public ability and barriers, they are pleasurable life’s requirements by way of sincerely BEING. You generally tend to suppose that sure mysterious, bodily accomplishments are required to satisfy your motive to God for giving you existence. If that were the case, there might be no desire for individuals who die in childbirth or soon afterward.

Lives come and move, no longer that each life is not critical, due to the fact they are vital and the destiny doesn’t cease with death. In a way, loss of life is honestly one massive step into the destiny, or in this example, the continuation of a future already begun. There are some essential reasons for the life you are now experiencing and you can’t blame your life on some unintentional sexual stumble upon in a moment of ardor after a party by way of your parents. No lifestyles are ever started through coincidence and you can rightly say that no lifestyles are ever begun that was no longer already anticipated by way of your Soul or Entity. To the Soul, developing a brand new personality is severe stuff and it does not take that responsibility lightly.

You got here into this existence with a plan which you created before you were born that you have intentionally caused your self to forget about. This is for practical reasons that should do with being able to confront and respond to activities and not use a pre-existing fact of the expected outcome, otherwise, the effects would be affected by that previous knowledge and there could be no want for striving to reap.

You are purported to create, experience and learn from everything your lifestyles touches, and in so doing, develop in love and creativity and within the method, extend your attention and in that, you’re pleasant your cause in existence, however you must do all of this with out a previous understanding which you wrote the script for the “drama” of your life. No life starts with out purpose or a topic and yours aren’t any exception. (see an article of August 14, Life Themes across Time.)

Now, if you do not trust that existence keeps after physical death, then what I say from right here on will preserve little meaning for you, however, if you do agree with as you should that life is everlasting, then you definitely have sufficient reason to try to understand the significance of what you do in this existence, and through doing so, provide it new meaning.

You are basically in this existence, auditioning in your subsequent lifestyles, or ought to I say, laying the foundation of your subsequent life, and what you do here will have an effect on the “drama” of your subsequent existence that you may again write and act out all over again in this physical world and once more, like the absent minded professor, you will neglect that you wrote the script. There is one exception, and this is if you are prepared to conform out of the bodily machine and discover new demanding situations in extra advanced structures and in those instances, lifestyles maintains handiest on a good deal special terms than now.

The life you are dwelling now with all of its demanding situations, its heartaches, its tragedies, successes, loves, hates and accomplishments is coloured and shaded with the aid of your (closing life revel in), so that you can expect in case your present life is full of difficulties and tragedies, it’s far at the least partly due to the fact you put it up that manner thru your moves in a beyond life.

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Of course, I am referring right here to reincarnation, and I would advise that if you deliver little regard on your actions in this life, then you definitely can’t rail on the heavens cursing God for the problems you may come upon for your next bodily existence. Your usual experience on this lifestyles is the result of actions in previous lives and if this existence is less than you choose, you could blame no person but your self. Reoccurring issues won’t floor within the subsequent lifestyles, however in a manner, you may say that “the piper must be paid” sometime, somewhere despite the fact that the time and vicinity can be centuries inside the future in remote lands.

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