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Studying Abroad? Know How Travel Insurance Can Help You

Everyone wants to study in the best college when it comes to education. You can prepare day and night to make the cut and opt for the college of your dreams. If you are moving to the college of your dreams, setting up money to study and live abroad is essential. That is why often parents save every penny to make their children’s dreams come true and send them to look at a foreign university.

Studying abroad is not just about your career aspirations; it is also about the money your parents have worked so hard to earn. The last thing you want is to face an emergency abroad that will disrupt your studies and waste your money. Moreover, your loved ones cannot fly abroad to solve your problems all the time. Only purchasing travel insurance online can protect you amid adverse conditions abroad.

Studying Abroad

How does travel insurance work for students?

If purchased by a student, travel insurance acts as a legal contract between the student and their insurance company, ensuring that they are protected from any unforeseen occurrences during their education. If you have a travel insurance policy, your insurance company will provide you with financial assistance in any adverse travel conditions. It also covers any financial loss you may incur on the go.

If you are going to study abroad, an international travel insurance policy for students can help you in an emergency. Also known as student travel insurance, it protects you in a medical emergency, loss of scholarships, loss of personal belongings, loss of personal documents, interruption of studies, financial urgency, etc. In addition, it also covers any risks such as losing or delaying check-in luggage, flight delays, flight cancellations, etc.

In short, student travel insurance protects you from any unforeseen risks that could interfere with your studies abroad. In addition, in some countries like Schengen countries, international travel insurance is also mandatory for Indians wishing to enter their international borders.

Student travel insurance coverage

  • Emergency medical expenses

Anyone in India or abroad can get sick at any time. What to do if you fall seriously ill or have an accident while crossing the street? This can lead to frequent visits to the doctor or even hospitalization. Outside India, healthcare services can be costly and difficult for students with limited incomes to afford. This is where student travel insurance comes into play. *

  • Interruptions in studies

Studying abroad is a huge decision. You will leave your country and loved ones to get the best education in the college of your choice. In addition, it costs a lot of money to study and live abroad. So, the last thing you want is any adverse situation that could disrupt your studies and cause substantial financial loss.

Imagine if you were hospitalized for more than a month due to a severe illness. Or if your sponsor is in danger of suddenly leading to their death or disability. In the first situation, you will have to miss a lot of your classes, which will lead to a break from your studies. In the second situation, you will have to leave your studies and return home. In both cases, there is severe financial loss. But if you have a student travel insurance policy, your insurance company will reimburse you for the period of your absence from classes. *

  • Travel emergency

When traveling abroad from India or vice versa, you may see many travel-related emergencies. For example, your flight may be delayed by more than a few hours or canceled altogether. You may be late arriving or missing check-in luggage. Such situations can lead to unnecessary expenses or substantial financial losses. Fortunately, your international travel insurance policy will cover all these travel-related expenses and compensate you for any inconvenience you may experience. *

* Standard T&C Apply

All these benefits can be yours if you buy the right travel insurance policy for you. If you know the type of coverage you need and then buy it right, you can only do that. Hence, you should determine your ideal range and compare travel insurance.

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