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How to Be Insured Against Growing Medical Cost

The growing medical cost has become a serious issue in India. If you need to get admitted to a respected hospital or emergency treatment, you must take care of various medical expenses. The insurance companies have health insurance policies that can help you with this issue. If you buy health insurance, then the insurer takes care of your medical bills and hospitalization expenses. If the insurance company has a tie-up with the hospital, you avail of cashless treatment. Otherwise, the insurer will reimburse your medical bill.

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A health insurance policy offers various benefits that protect you against rising medical costs.

Benefits of health insurance

A good health insurance policy comes with a wide range of covers like hospitalization costs, critical illness insurance, medical tests, doctors’ fees, and more. If you want to benefit from the right insurance policy, you first need to know the facilities that come with the procedure.

  • Cashless treatment

The trusted insurers have tie-ups with most of the known hospitals. You can get cashless treatment if treated in one of them, as your insurer will take care of the cost.

  • Post-hospitalization costs

Some health insurance policies offer post-hospitalization cost covers. That means the insurer will take care of your medical expenses for a certain period after being released from the hospital.

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB)

If you do not make any claims for a year, the insurer pays you an NCB the next year.

  • Health checkup

Regular health checkups are important to take good care of your body. The insurance companies provide you with cover for the same.

  • Tax benefits

Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, the premium you pay for health insurance is tax-deductible.

  • Critical illness cover

Health insurance for critical illness is one of the most effective tools for saving your medical costs. Life-threatening acute conditions require the most expensive care. It would be best if you were hospitalized; usually, the duration is quite long. If you have bought a critical illness insurance policy, your insurer pays you a lump sum to take care of the medical bills.

How to find the best health insurance policy, provider

When you decide to buy a health insurance policy, the first thing you have to do is to find the best insurance company. Many reputed insurers provide similar covers and facilities. So, finding one particular insurance company suitable for you cannot be obvious. Here are a few points that you need to look for before you decide which policy to buy:

  • The amount of sum assured they are offering.
  • The minimum age requirement for buying the policy
  • The regulations regarding the renewal of the health insurance policy
  • The expenses for renting a hospital room are covered or not?
  • The list of illnesses that are included in and excluded from your policy
  • The insurer offers NBC or not.

Medical expenses can be a stressful challenge. However, if you have bought the right health insurance plan, you can stop worrying about that and focus on taking care of your health.

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