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Free Blog Hosting: 3 Ways Free Blogs Are Bad For Your Business

If you host your weblog on Google’s famous weblog web hosting platform, Blogspot, you will be interested in understanding that they have just rolled out Dynamic Views as “part of Blogger’s ongoing effort to modernize and streamline their interface, to hold the popular running a blog site as one of the pinnacle destinations to percentage your life on.”

This pass gives bloggers on Blogspot a lot more flexibility and just raised the bar on services offered by using free-running blog offerings. The large free-running blog services that dominate the running of a blog internationally are definitely, Blogspot, WordPress, and Typepad. You’ll also find the area of interest sites that offer unfastened blogging services, like BlogHer.

Free Blog Hosting: 3 Ways Free Blogs Are Bad For Your Business 11

However, there are some of the reasons why we agree that loose running a blog web sites isn’t the first-rate preference for a weblog that is aimed at supplying your commercial enterprise in the exceptional possible way.

From 2004 to 2006, I had started some of the blogs on Blogspot. But as my weblog grew and their offerings did not capture up, it became increasingly obvious that it became no longer viable to serve my business needs on this unfastened blogging website online.

Then got here WordPress.Org – a high-quality, open-supply content control system – and unexpectedly, the sector spread out for lots of bloggers unwell of the restrictions of Blogspot and its clones.

A while later, as marketers caught on and spam blogs have become extra common, many valid bloggers located that their blogs had vanished overnight in a huge circulate by using Google to clean up the spammers on Blogspot.

So whether you are currently planning to start a blog on-line or have been running a blog for some time on a free blog platform, you may find there are plenty of factors you cannot do with a loose running a blog provider. Once you study the factors under, you may even see the experience in transferring to a self-hosted weblog.

Here are 3 barriers to using an unfastened running blog carrier:

1. Lack Of Personalization

With an unfastened blogging carrier, you are generally supplied a choice of templates from a pre-defined selection. You have boundaries for creating a new template, or making changes to a preferred template, for instance, adjustments in color, advert banners, and coding.

While you’re given an array of accessories to include more functions on your blog, like exchanging hyperlinks and having a check box, your website appears genuinely similar to any other blogger’s site.

With a self-hosted weblog that makes use of WordPress, as an instance, you’re free to explicit your creativity and layout a custom running blog template. What’s more, you may customize your code, upload plugins, purchasing carts, advertisements and do pretty much something you may do with a regular internet site.

2. Content Limitations

A free blogging carrier company has big regulations to your website online content because physically, your blog content material is stored on their server. They – now not you – are the blog publishers.

If you’re unlucky, your weblog will be deleted, and all of your efforts might be worn out all the time – unless of the route you’ve got sponsored up to the database periodically in your computer.

You’re additionally no longer authorized to use your weblog for business reasons or advertising on a free weblog host. In evaluation, you are loose from these issues on every occasion you host your weblog for your own server.

3. Weak Branding

If you have got your personal domain, you’ll be able to create robust branding in your commercial enterprise and appreciably beef up your net presence. It would help if you did not show enforced ads or observe any of the tiresome guidelines imposed by free blogging services. Things are not inside your manage on the subject of creating a strong online presence.

When it involves enterprise blogs, the WordPress blogging platform is certainly the most versatile choice, as it’s miles regularly up to date and improved on by a massive community of open-source coders. You’ll get access to a massive variety of plug-ins and templates which can carry out an extensive form of features that you would pay a programmer thousands of bucks for.

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