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4 Reasons To Choose Solar Hot Water System

Everyone should get on board with installing solar hot water systems. We’re adjusting our living arrangements to reduce our carbon footprint to lessen our adverse effects on this breathtaking planet.

Many people are now choosing solar water heater installations and finding them far better than electric or gas water heaters. These adjustments frequently have additional advantages, such as reducing expensive hot water repair costs. If you still need to convince yourself this is a must-have for your house, keep reading to learn more.

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A Solar Hot Water System: What Is It?

It’s a solar water heating system that uses sunlight to warm your existing water supply. It functions similarly to a solar electrical system in that solar energy is collected via panels and converted into energy that powers it. However, these panels have a water-based fluid that transfers the sun’s heat to the hot water tank. This heat is transferred directly into your hot water supply without commingling the juices. A heat exchanger is utilized for this purpose.

4 Reasons To Choose Solar Hot Water System

We’ve covered the basics of these hot water systems, so now it’s time to look at four of their advantages:

1. Safeguarding The Environment

Assuming you want to make a difference in the battle against climate change, you must commit to doing something about it. Are you aware that heating water consumes about 17% of the total energy budget in the average home? That’s a lot of carbon dioxide equivalent tonnes released into the air. Instead, switching to a solar hot water system can help you shoulder some of the burdens on the environment and the associated carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

2. Maintain Water Quality

The Natural Resources Defence Council has pinpointed power plants as the most significant contributor to annual environmental mercury pollution. These chemicals seriously threaten the water quality in our lakes, rivers, and streams. They also pose a danger to people’s health. You can do your part to stop mercury from entering the water supply by installing a solar hot water system.

3. Maintain Air Quality

Switching to a solar water heater has many advantages, including preserving the air quality. As a result, many households rely on electric water heaters. Coal combustion produces by-products like particulates, which contribute to air pollution. There are many adverse health and environmental consequences because of this. Using solar energy to heat your home’s water is a small but significant step toward addressing these systemic health problems.

4. Spend Less

As was previously mentioned, there is a direct correlation between the environmental and financial benefits of installing a solar water heating system. They can meet an estimated 80% of your annual hot water requirements. As a result, you can expect substantial savings on your monthly utility bills.

There are numerous upsides to installing the system at home. If you haven’t considered this before and are curious, consult an expert Sydney plumber.

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