In this week’s version of our education information roundup, we take you from faculty vouchers to AP checks to network university.

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Betsy DeVos speaks to American Legislative Exchange Council

Protests greeted the schooling secretary in Denver this week at her speech to the American Legislative Exchange Council. Her family has near ties to the agency, which brings together country legislators, unfastened-market conservatives and company sponsor to write version bills that get adopted everywhere in the country.

ALEC and Betsy DeVos each lower back vouchers, tax credit score scholarships, training savings money owed and expansions of the charter, home-training, virtual and for-earnings companies. Her rhetoric, right here, turned into greater fiery than in previous appearances, as she confronted off towards critics —”defenders of the fame quo” — and praised ALEC for “the combat” to make bigger college desire. She also hit familiar notes:


“Choice in training is ideal politics because it’s good coverage. It’s true policy because it comes from properly parents who want higher for his or her kids.”
As we mentioned, the timing of her speech became a chunk awkward:

House Republicans have simply rejected the college desire expansions in Trump’s preliminary budget request. Recent research has shown blended-to-terrible effects for voucher applications, and there has been a hit fights against voucher enlargement even in staunchly pink states like Texas.
House finances resolution has cuts to schooling

The Republican-managed House has been operating on its spending plan, which includes for schooling.

This week, the price range committee adopted a plan to cut $20 billion from schooling over 10 years. The resolution, which is simplest one step toward turning into a regulation, makes reference to streamlining the federal university loan program, a likely supply of some of the cuts.

Last week, House Republicans delivered an appropriations bill via September 2018 that freezes Pell Grants, the most important want-based resource application for university college students, and takes returned $three.Three billion from the program’s surplus. The price range consists of $2.Four billion in education cuts. By contrast, the Trump price range concept is known as for extra than $nine billion in cuts.

Many greater girls taking AP computer technology

The nonprofit Code.Org, which promotes PC technology schooling, mentioned that 29,000 girl high school college students took an Advanced Placement examination in pc technological know-how this spring, 10 times more than 10 years ago. In addition, participation via underrepresented minority corporations has doubled as compared to 12 months in the past.

Much of this growth is because of last 12 months’ advent of a new AP course, AP Computer Science Principles, a course designed “to enchantment to a broader audience,” consistent with College Board substances. The new examination does not require a specific programming language, unlike AP computer science A, which focuses on Java.

Despite the progress in exposure to computer technological know-how in excessive faculties, there may be a protracted way to go: Only a touch over 1 in four of folks who took an AP PC science examination this 12 months had been girls, and most effective 1 in 5 have been underrepresented minorities.

California community university chancellor calls for losing algebra

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of the California network college system, the kingdom’s largest, informed NPR’s Robert Siegel this week that he wants to undertake different pathways to a degree that do not require algebra. Algebra is the single most failed college direction. “There are other math guides that we should introduce that inform us lots greater approximately our students,” he stated, citing information as a possible opportunity.

Billions in non-public pupil loan debt can be erased

Tens of thousands of debtors may want to have their decades-old non-public student mortgage debt forgiven due to financial companies’ bad document preserving, a research by using The New York Times located this week.

The forgiven debt would amount to $5 billion — that’s only a fraction of the $108 billion in remarkable private pupil loans (and an excellent smaller fraction of the $1.4 trillion pupil mortgage market). Private pupil loans are a more high-priced and riskier manner to pay for college, and they’re on the decline as compared with in the years earlier than the Great Recession.

Feminist organizations call on Candice Jackson to reject “rape myths”

An overall of 58 feminist and criminal businesses signed a letter this week calling on the chief of the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights to make clear the facts on campus sexual attack and to satisfy with survivors. Candice Jackson apologized closing week for remarks to The New York Times that “90 percentage” of campus rape allegations “fall into the class of ‘we had been each drunk’ ” or are introduced via sad ex-girlfriends.

Analyst residence Gartner predicted that there would be 2 billion PCs in use globally by way of 2014, however, there have been no up to date figures considering the fact that then. If we conservatively take 2 billion because the range, that suggests there at the least one hundred forty million PCs nonetheless strolling Windows XP.

Europol, the EU’s policing arm, warned that the cyberattack, referred to as “WannaCry,” will continue to wreak havoc this week as people go back to paintings and log onto their PCs. WannaCry is ransomware — malicious software program that encrypts humans’ statistics, then needs payment in alternate for decryption. It has hit at the least two hundred,000 victims across one hundred fifty nations thus far, consistent with Europol, and induced chaos inside the UK’s NHS, Telefónica in Spain, and many different corporations globally.


First, the running system sits on top of a physical machine and talks to the hardware. This insulates application software program from many hardware implementation info. Among other advantages, this presents greater freedom to innovate in hardware because it’s the operating gadget that shoulders most of the burden of assisting new processors and other factors of the server layout—no longer the utility developer. Arguably, hardware innovation will become even more crucial as system learning and other key software program developments can not depend on CMOS manner scaling for dependable year-over-year performance will increase. With the increasingly considerable adoption of hybrid cloud architectures, the portability provided by way of this abstraction layer is best turning into greater vital.

Second, the working system—specifically the kernel—performs not unusual duties that packages require. It manages system scheduling, energy management, root get entry to permissions, reminiscence allocation, and all the different low-stage housekeeping and operational information needed to hold a system jogging effectively and securely.

Finally, the running machine serves because the interface to both its own “userland” applications—think device utilities along with logging, overall performance profiling, and so on—and programs that a person has written. The operating system needs to offer a regular interface for apps thru APIs (software programming interface) primarily based on open requirements. Furthermore, commercially supported running systems additionally convey with them business and technical relationships with third-celebration software vendors, as well as content channels to add other trusted content material to the platform.

The computing generation panorama has modified notably over the last couple of years. This has had the impact of transferring how we think about operating systems and what they do, while they remain as significant as ever. Consider changes in how packages are packaged, the fast growth of computing infrastructures, and the hazard and vulnerability panorama.


Applications going for walks in Linux boxes are isolated inside a unmarried copy of the operating machine strolling on a bodily server. This technique stands in evaluation to hypervisor-based totally virtualization wherein each utility is sure to a entire copy of a visitor operating gadget and communicates with the hardware via the intervening hypervisor. In quick, hypervisors virtualize the hardware sources, while bins virtualize the working gadget resources. As a end result, packing containers consume few gadget assets, which include reminiscence, and impose essentially no performance overhead on the utility.

Containerization leans closely on acquainted operating system principles. Containers build on the Linux kernel’s technique version as augmented through extra working machine features, consisting of namespaces (e.G., technique, community, consumer), groups, and permission fashions to isolate containers whilst giving the illusion that every is a full machine.

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Containers have grow to be so interesting currently with the aid of the addition of mechanisms to portably compose packages as a hard and fast of layers and circulate them around an surroundings with low overhead. In this recognize, packing containers are the belief of a preferred idea that’s been round for a while in numerous guises, however by no means truly went mainstream. (Think utility virtualization, for instance.) One essential change nowadays is the significantly elevated role of open supply and open standards. For example, the Open Container Initiative, a collaborative assignment below the Linux Foundation, is focused on developing open industry requirements across the field layout and runtime.

Microsoft has unveiled a new version of Windows in a bid to rival Google’s Chromebook.

A “new flavor” of the flagship running gadget, Windows 10 S looks as if the modern-day model, however, can best run apps and programs downloaded from the Windows Store.

It has been designed to make sure computer systems keep their authentic pace and battery life for longer, Microsoft’s chief govt Satya Nadella stated.
The business enterprise said the new “walled” version of its software program need to assist computer systems to “run as nicely as it does on day one because it does on day 1,000” via controlling how applications work.

One of the primary motives Windows computer systems gradual down and lose battery lifestyles over the years is that invasive software can release on startup and cargo code into the memory. In the more secure Windows 10 S all apps are managed and established thru “bins” on the store.


“Windows over time has been a totally open platform which means humans can set up software program that writes throughout the Windows surroundings,” said Nadella. “By ensuring apps can only be mounted thru the store it gives a totally controlled surroundings and ensures constant performance.”

Satya Nadella introduced Microsoft’s brand new products
As properly as a new version of Windows, Microsoft also unveiled the next generation of its Surface pc. The $999 (£770) laptop has up to fourteen and a 1/2 hours of battery life, a 13.Five-inch screen, and runs Windows 10 S. It has a hint display and might be to be had from June 15.

Separate manufacturers are anticipated to introduce the software onto devices, consisting of laptops, capsules and computing device computer systems, later this yr.

The release comes as an immediate task to Google’s Chromebook and Apple’s MacBook Air.

How well Microsoft can compete, but, isn’t always clear. In particular, the clean protection of Windows 10 S comes with a first-rate disadvantage: its store is not as properly stocked as Apple and Google’s equivalents. It best recently brought Netflix and is yet to provide Spotify.

Nevertheless, the organisation might be hoping that its pitch to students and the education quarter will deliver it an area over its opponents.

Mobile is nowadays as essential, if now not more vital, than computer systems with regards to the net and apps. A clear reminder of that incorporates information of a document claiming that Google’s Android has overtaken Windows because of the internet’s most used working gadget.

Research from web analytics enterprise StatCounter determined Android now bills for a bigger share of network utilization than Windows for the first time. During March 2017, Android users represented 37.93 percent of interest on StatCounter’s network as opposed to 37.Ninety one percent for the Microsoft working machine. It’s a small hole for sure — and it refers to usage not necessarily customers — however, it marks a terrific tipping factor that has been inevitable for the beyond a couple of years.

StatCounter — which bases its findings on 2.Five million websites that it claims generate greater than 15 billion month-to-month page perspectives — tracked the sluggish convergence of usage for the two running systems over time. The chart highlights Microsoft’s failure to undertaking with its sick-fated Windows Phone platform.

The wider Android-Windows fashion has been evident for a while. Windows ruled, and keeps to dominate, the computing device landscape, however international PC sales have declined for the beyond five years to reach the same stages as 2008. In assessment, sales of smartphones keep growing, and Android is the working device for the lion’s share of net users international. Growth is maximum in rising markets like India. There, Apple has improved its income, however, stays a niche player, with Android accounting for upwards of ninety percent of smartphones.

While the balance between iOS and Android is more degree in Western markets just like the U.S., the influx of latest net customers from areas like Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America has tipped the scales in choose of Android. Indeed, a StatCounter report issued last week confirmed that cellular debts for the sizable majority of net usage in nations like India (seventy nine percent), Indonesia (72 percent) and China (fifty seven percent), while laptop stays king in markets along with the U.S. (37 percentage), U.K. (35 percent) and Germany (30 percentage).

Those numbers have visible some shift in worldwide sales for developers, with China overtaking the U.S. Because the maximum beneficial marketplace for iOS apps global, but Android keeps to lag despite a larger base of customers.

MS-Surface-Laptop.jpg (1200×675)

A latest App Annie report discovered that iOS accounted for simply over 25 billion of the ninety billion app downloads made in 2016, with Android taking the rest. Yet iOS apps pulled in most of the people of the $35 billion paid out to publishers throughout the iOS and Android app stores.

Sombra, real call, unknown. To the arena, she doesn’t officially exist. Skills consist of computer hacking and cryptography. Her story is a hacker’s cliché. Orphaned through killer robots, recruited by a nicely intentioned Mexican gang, hacks an international conspiracy, and goes into hiding. She emerges a yr later, a horny, cyber punk hacktivist. Hold on, that’s no longer a hacker cliché?

Regardless, that’s exactly what Sombra’s tale is. Ever considering that her circle of relatives became killed inside the wake of the Omnic Crisis, she became to hacking. It became her goal to bring peace to a worn torn Mexico. She hacked politicians and police commissioners; no longer most effective to reveal their evil deeds but also to advantage new know-how. One might say that she had an dependancy to statistics. It become this fixation on gaining knowledge of on getting to know the sector’s secrets that positioned her in a compromising situation. As unveiling, a international conspiracy is wont to do.

And so, like a scene from Mr. Robot, the lady “previously called” bumped off all traces of her lifestyles and went into hiding. For awhile at the least. It became in the course of her time in seclusion where she donned her hacker moniker and enhanced her inferior human flesh with cybernetic implants. Thus the girl turned into gone and Sombra become born. Even more determined to unveil the community of shadows pulling at the world’s strings.


Certain exploits under her new identity drew the eye of a spread of agencies, consisting of Talon. Talon is an extremist terrorist organisation (relying on who you ask), led via former Blackwatch commander, Gabriel Reyes. To in addition her very own quest for the fact, she joined their ranks. She perspectives her time in Talon as a method to an cease. A manner to assist uncover the secrets of the worldwide cabal she stumbled upon all the ones years ago. I guess when a person destroys your existence, you’re sure to have a vendetta towards them. An itch that could’t be scratched, so to speak.

While on a assignment in Russia, Sombra seized an opportunity to alleviate that itch. If only quickly. The challenge was to assassinate Katya Volskaya, the CEO of Volskaya industries. The hero of the Russian human beings. Things went awry whilst Sombra selected to take things into her own fingers. She purposely caused the alarm device to expose Talon’s presence. But why compromise the challenge? Well, due to a damning piece of proof in her possession.

It seems that the most effective woman in Russia, who swore to shield her humans against the Omnics has dealings with the enemy. Sombra makes a decision to use this statistics as leverage and blackmails Katya. The shape a “friendship” based totally on extortion. Sombra vow no longer to expose the profession finishing info as long as Ms. Volskaya does her a want each every now and then. As solid of a foundation for a friendship as any!

We’re all stuck up on beyond occasions, now we’ve arrived on the actual reason in the back of writing this text, technology. Specifically, Sombra’s era. With tech that lets her hack the planet, vanish like Harry Potter, and teleport like Kirk and Spock, how can I resist dissecting all of it as a nerd and former IT expert? Rhetorical query, I can’t.

Let’s begin with the right mouse-button potential, hack. The hack talent permits Sombra to disable person’s capabilities for five seconds. This brings me to my first question: How is Sombra capable of get entry to literally every person’s generation? And she does it within 0.Eight seconds. How is it feasible? This query led me some other video video games that posed a number of the identical issues, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. You journey the streets of Chicago as master-cyberhacker, Aiden Pearce. But, this were given me wondering his capacity to hack a protection machine without batting an eye fixed.

As I sifted thru the lore of Watch Dogs, the solution came to me. In the sport, Chicago placed into region the ctOS, additionally referred to as the Central Operating System. The ctOS is a supercomputer that interconnected the technological international of Chicago. It’s the interdependency that shall we Pearce hack the whole thing with the contact of a button. Once the ctOS has been analyzed and infiltrated he has access to the whole lot on it. Its best energy became its greatest weakness.

The idea of a valuable operating device is the ideal answer. After the Omnic Uprising, it appears possibly that every one the vintage systems and A.I.S had been shut down. Meaning the advent of a cutting-edge machine. An running machine that is linked like the ctOS of Watch Dogs. That manner, for a hacker of Sombra’s quality, that after in the device, she has limitless get right of entry to. Access which shall we her into every man or woman tied to the worldwide network. Mystery solved.

But, that’s infrequently the simplest query I even have concerning her hacking abilities. For instance, Sombra is able to hack Torbjorn’s IFF-tracking turret, however now not Soldier 76’s car-purpose visor. They’re each technologies. So, why is that? After limitless hours of studies, I couldn’t find a solution. One doesn’t exist. At least not inside the Blizzard lore. The simplest search consequences that got here up have been publications on a way to play Sombra. Comprehensive lists on what she will and can’t hack. Not a single explanation as to why she will hack positive tech.

So, as opposed to seeking to Blizzard for a logical explanation, I decided to look into actual life hacking. And so down the rabbit hollow, I went. Reading about the constraints of hacking, the moral code, hacking prevention, watched Zero Cool crash 1,507 laptop structures in a single day…wait, I may additionally have taken a wrong turn someplace. I discovered some things about hacking that probable positioned my name on a NSA watch listing. But, I located my answer.

It got here to me in a coffee precipitated stupor. While analyzing via approaches to prevent unauthorized get admission to in your personal device, I examine something so apparent it didn’t sink in at the beginning glance. If trying to save you a hacker from accessing your machine, the (non-conflicting) counter measures you have, the tougher it is for them to get in. It’s a not unusual sense solution, and some thing I’ve had to provide an explanation for to many customers.

Say you’ve got a -component authentication, an updated working gadget, a modern-day anti-virus, and an energetic firewall. Those measures make it much more difficult to breach the system’s security. It takes a hacker lots longer to infiltrate a PC with all of those precautions than it does a computer that most effective has a firewall. They’re going to undergo a lot extra Doritos and Big Gulps. The solution to my huge question boiled down to one word, time.

LG-G6-Tmobile-price-launch.jpg (1528×851)

Take D.Va for example, Sombra’s lack of ability to hack D. Va’s mech whilst it’s self-destructing. There’s now not sufficient time among the activation and the detonation for Sombra with the intention to 1. Examine the security 2. Get entry to the gadget and 3. Disable the explosion. Especially underneath enemy fire. Nor is she going to have the luxury of disarming Junket’s Rip-tire as it turns you and your teammates to ash.

Don’t fear, due to the fact you can also get a running system totally free – something that gives you all the basics. Or perhaps you’re only a geek who likes to experiment.

Remix OS via JIDE
We’ve written about Remix OS before. If you like Android, this is where you ought to start. Built on the Android-x86 mission, Remix OS is free to down load and use (all updates are free too — so there’s no catch). It’s well suited to maximum computer systems – minimum hardware requirements consist of a 2Ghz dual middle processor, 2GB RAM, and 8GB storage. If you have already got a present OS, you could pick out to twin boot Remix. One of the principle blessings with Remix OS is which you get entry to the big app environment of Android. You can down load Remix OS from www.Jide.Com

The problem with maximum loose working structures is that their interface isn’t always the same as Windows and therefore requires you to discover ways to use it. ReactOS stands other than the usual crowd due to the fact it’s far based totally on Windows NT design structure (like Windows XP and Win 7). For a person who’s familiar with Windows, ReactOS will experience no extraordinary. Even greater exquisite is that most Windows packages and drivers work seamlessly. You can continually assist the mission by way of attempting various open source applications after which sharing with the community if you face troubles. Download it at no cost from www.Reactos.Org – you could down load the installation CD or Live CD setup in case you want to attempt it out earlier than installing to your difficult drive.


Phoenix OS
Phoenix OS is a brand new competitor to Remix. Available as a unfastened download from www.Phoenix. Com, it’s miles primarily based on Android but with a whole lot of on hand capabilities together with a start menu, computer style multitasking and notifications center. You even get keyboard shortcuts, file manager, LAN access, window dragging and document compression guide. Like with Remix, you can deploy any Android app on your computer. It gained runs on ancient hardware even though – it is only compatible with computer systems the use of Intel or AMD processors from 2010 onwards.
Although the development for SkyOS stopped a long time in the past, you can nevertheless down load an operating beta model from www.Skyos.Org. This is for the tinkerers as it will be a little messy. For example, there could be troubles with software drivers and lots of peripherals. However, it’s nevertheless fun to explore the SkyGI (their graphical user interface) that’s pretty superior for its time (development stopped in 2009). Important to notice that SkyOS isn’t always based on Linux – it’s miles constructed from scratch. The purpose turned into to construct some thing easy to use for a brand new consumer. It became always designed to be proprietary however the task never took off.

Haiku OS is an open-source operating device that has very modest machine requirements. Get the 250MB down load from www.Haiku-os.Org and you may choose to run it from a Live CD or a bootable USB power if you don’t need to put in it for your hard power. Minimum gadget necessities include a Pentium III processor, 256MB RAM, and 2GB garage. It has an integrated e-mail patron, internet browser, calculator, text editor, disc space monitor, un-archiver, gadget monitoring gear, printer/ webcam drivers and audio/video gamers. There is likewise an option to set up additional applications from Haiku Depot – a package installer that is bundled with the OS. Haiku is currently to be had in 25 extraordinary languages (translated by means of volunteers).

Syllable Desktop
Syllable isn’t always as often up to date as some of the opposites unfastened OS available these days, but it’s miles the great option in case you want to use a gadget with antique hardware. The OS becomes evolved 4 years in the past and has minimal necessities of a Pentium processor, 32MB storage, and 600MB storage area. The OS comes with its very own net-browsers, e mail purchaser, media player and you can additionally install additional software from their download segment There is an OS model and a server model available for Syllable – customers can download Syllable Desktop from http://syllable.Org and search for the Syllable Desktop link.

Cub Linux
Cub combines the first-rate features from Linux with Google’s Chrome OS. The advantage right here is that it is well suited with most hardware configurations whilst handing over a quick and rich consumer revel in. The interface is like Chrome OS and is likewise well matched with Chromebooks. Although the authentic website has long past beneath, you may download Cub Linux from numerous different web sites like www.Softpedia. Com. The platform supports net apps in addition to Linux programs but does now not support set up of Android apps.

Phoenix OS

theverge3_2040.0.0.0.jpg (1600×900)
Phoenix OS is a brand new competitor to Remix. Available as a unfastened down load from www.Phoenix. Com, it’s far primarily based on Android but with a whole lot of on hand features together with a start menu, desktop style multitasking and notifications center. You even get keyboard shortcuts, record supervisor, LAN gets right of entry to, window dragging and report compression assist. Like with Remix, you could install any Android app on your PC. It ain’t runs on historical hardware although – it’s miles simplest compatible with computer systems using Intel or AMD processors from 2010 onwards.

Almost dozen personnel from Google’s Android team held a Reddit AMA today and invited questions on the subsequent important Android replace, model eight.Zero. Android O is slated to be released — at least on Google’s very own hardware — in the subsequent couple months and focuses mostly on your telephone’s “vitals” like battery lifestyles and notifications. User-going through functions will include photo-in-photograph guide on phones, notification badges, adaptive icons, and greater. Today’s Q&A session was heavy on engineering and API dialogue; it turned into genuinely meant to revolve around the internal workings of Android, however the team found out a few tidbits that everyday customers may additionally discover thrilling.

No, we nevertheless don’t have a call.

Is it Oreo? Oatmeal cookie? Who knows. Android’s engineering team stated that O’s very last branding might be introduced “later this summer time.” More mainly, it’s anticipated that Android 8.Zero could be released someday in August. “There are so many snacks to choose from,” the group wrote.


Bluetooth audio at the Pixel must get a great deal better in Android O.

Many proprietors of the Pixel and Pixel XL — myself included — have complained approximately the Bluetooth audio overall performance on Google’s smartphones. There are frequently dropouts when listening through some wi-fi headphones or through a car’s audio gadget. Google’s engineers seem to be conscious that matters aren’t extraordinary, as they promise a sizeable development in Android O. “Our checking out suggests that BT audio reliability is significantly higher vs N,” wrote Tim Murray. ”We hope you notice the identical kind of enhancements.” Me too, Google. Me too.

But even the Pixel received’t get every new Android O feature.

Android O shall we device makers, if they so select, supply clients extra control over the color stability of their phone’s show. Unfortunately, closing 12 months’s Pixel and Pixel XL received’t be able to this granular first-rate-tuning that could assist perfect a screen’s white stability. “Color management will not be to be had on Pixel 2016,” explained Romain Guy. “It’s a tool-unique characteristic that calls for calibration of the display at the manufacturing facility ground, it’s thus non-obligatory and can’t absolutely be retro-outfitted on older devices.” Oh nicely.

Here’s Google’s extra technical explanation for why the Blobmoji are going away:

“Over the previous couple of years Unicode has elevated the range of emoji considerably and created new categories of emoji. In parallel new messaging use instances have emerged (ie: larger emoji used as stickers). The present day design machine did no longer lend itself properly to helping the expanding emoji set and these new use instances, so we wished a large visible refresh.”

One of the largest early surprises of the Android O beta turned into a much lighter notification color. Instead of sticking with the dark grey slide-down short settings vicinity that it’s used in current years, Google essentially inverted things and grew to become the heritage white and icons black. Some wondered whether or not it changed into a glitch or just a temporary alternate in the course of the beta, but it sounds just like the Android engineers have settled on it.

“The average goal was to align the lighter notification surface with short settings. As a outcome we did transfer the default theme of brief settings and made it more steady.” So the common sense is that considering notifications have a light heritage, the quick settings segment ought to be comparable. This simply most effective impacts gadgets that run stock or close to-stock Android. As constantly, other Android OEMs (Samsung, LG, and many others.) are free to pores and skin away and use their own desired topics.

Letting you apply custom shade themes to Android isn’t as clean as it sounds.

Perhaps you think you’ve got better flavor than Google’s designers and engineers and would really like to apply your very own colour scheme on your telephone’s menus. It sounds simple enough in idea, however Alan Viverette points out a number of the demanding situations that’ve stopped Google from giving users quite that stage of customization power:

TL;DR Theming isn’t always difficult. Reliable and constant theming is difficult.

There are technical and logistical troubles with theming. The technical facet is basically solved in O with RRO support (thank you Sony!); however, we nonetheless don’t have stable APIs for describing what can be themed or adequate approaches to verify that current programs well help theming.

You might recall a darkish subject making brief appearances in preceding releases — due to the fact that we already had a darkish Material theme, we didn’t have to fear approximately APIs to explain the themeable homes; however, we had been unable to transform each current app (ex. Calendar, Photos, other bundled and center apps — even Settings become a mission) to assist darkish Material subject matter and verify that it become properly supported.

If you had, say, a bright red Hello Kitty topic that’s no longer a simple brightness inversion, you run into even greater complicated instances of making sure minimum contrast degrees for accessibility, choosing reasonable secondary and tertiary hues, etc.

From April to June, Tech’s biggest groups all held their annual mega-occasions, laying out their grand visions for the next 365 days or so.

Facebook kicked it off in past due April with its F8 convention, observed with the aid of Microsoft Build, then the Google I/O conference, and Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference finished things off. Amazon would not genuinely preserve occasions, however, it unveiled two new Amazon Echo clever audio system in the course of that length for the correct measure.

And matters get exciting again, sooner than you are aware of it. This Fall, Apple is predicted to reveal a tenth-anniversary iPhone, Google will likely screen a revamped Pixel telephone, and Microsoft is anticipated to keep any other one of its normal past due-October Surface computer press conferences.

In the period in-between, there are not lots to do but reflect on what we’ve discovered thus far this yr approximately the future of tech. And past the hype and the hyperbole, we are beginning to see the very earliest stages of a battle for the next segment of computing.


Because at the same time as Apple and Google may additionally dominate the smartphone market today, technology like augmented reality present complete-new structures in which there’s no clear winner. So Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook having overlooked out on proudly owning a mobile platform, are doing their damndest to hasten the stop of the phone – and the give up of Apple and Google’s duopoly, at the same time as they are at it.

Skin in the sport
Every major technological shift has created large possibilities for the few marketers who see it coming early – within the seventies, Apple and Microsoft made huge bets that the PC might be a much bigger marketplace than colossal room-sized mainframes, even as the mainframe industry decried the PC itself as a fad . We see who won that one.

Similarly, Microsoft didn’t fully recognize the ability of smartphones, until well after Google and Apple proved them incorrect. Now, Google’s Android is the most popular working system in the world, complete forestall. And the iPhone has propelled Apple to record income and to the fame because the corporation to conquer in tech.

Well, it seems like time is a flat circle. Right now, we’re seeing the earliest growing pains of augmented fact and virtual reality – tech that overlays the digital global onto our human senses. It manner records, projected into your eyes and ears, as you want it. Why deliver a cellphone while Netflix and WhatsApp are floating in the front of you?

Some name it a fad, or simply some thing it truly is too new and untested to be considered a real risk to the cellphone. And yet, there’s a veritable arms race to construct those augmented truth systems of the destiny.

Amazon’s Alexa is the main thought of as a digital voice assistant, however having a virtual “individual” inform you the time and weather definitely qualifies as augmented truth. Microsoft has its fact-bending HoloLens “hologram” goggles. Facebook and Snapchat have each constructed augmented truth straight into the digital camera. Even Google-sponsored startup Magic Leap thinks its but-to-launched goggles have a shot at becoming a new platform .

The internet end result is a race to build something goes to do the phone what the PC did to the mainframe. What these agencies all have in not unusual is that they neglected the boat on constructing telephone operating systems of their own. Now, it’s on them to build whatever comes subsequently.

Defensive role
Apple and Google are nicely aware of the hazard and are not status nonetheless.

Apple has ARkit, a gadget for constructing augmented reality into iPhone apps, using the cellphone’s integrated digicam. It’s technologically strong sufficient and smooth enough to use that developers love it, giving Apple a nice foothold in augmented truth. If and when Apple releases clever glasses, those apps will come proper over.

Google has numerous augmented reality efforts within the works, inclusive of Project Tango. And although the primary model of the Google Glass headset flopped, if Google figures out a way to revamp the tool, it’s going to have a car to extend Android into the AR realm.

grass-1835542_1280-1280x715.jpg (1280×715)

In an unusual way, taking place the protecting like this nearly offers Apple a perverse incentive to update the iPhone: If Apple can build the subsequent first-rate hardware platform itself, it way that Amazon can’t do it with Alexa, and Microsoft cannot do it with HoloLens.

In the period in-between, as we admire all of the new hardware and software program candies coming out later this year, maintain the perspective that the entirety we are seeing now could be the primary salvo in a computing war that will rage for the next decade and past.

Someone with the aid of the call of Rent-A-Hacker claims in a web advert that you may rent him to smash the recognition of any character or commercial enterprise you desire.

“If you want a person to get known as a toddler-porn user, no problem,” the advert reads. “I’ll do something for money.”

That’s now not hyperbole. Cyber experts stated you could anonymously lease hackers to wreak havoc on everything from one person to tens of heaps of hospitals, banks, universities, power plants, authorities corporations and different major institutions and agencies around the world.

Or you may purchase malicious software and learn how to do it your self.

The system begins with a visit to the darkish net, a secretive nook of the World Wide Web that’s beginning to turn out to be as famous for cyber assaults as it is for transactions related to illegal capsules, guns, infant pornography, human trafficking and stolen information.


The dark web is a virtual netherworld wherein black-marketplace websites are hidden from serps such as Google and Bing. But site visitors can explore and buy its wares with unique browsers that disguise people’s identities and locations.

Activity on those black markets has raised sufficient situation that in this past week, top government in several international locations introduced that that they had joined forces to close down AlphaBay, the world’s main marketplace on the dark web. They also said for the past month, regulation enforcement had taken over every other prominent black market — Hansa — and impersonated its directors so they may collect statistics about merchants and customers.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions described the uncommon, elaborately coordinated operation as “the most important (dark net) market takedown in history.”

Yet cyber professionals have been divided on whether or not the global crackdown would have an enduring impact. In the beyond, people surely switched to different boards at the darkish net or created new ones each time government performed a rare closure of an present website online.

The darkish web is so covert, it’s commonly hard to exactly song unique characters and their moves. Still, analysts trust the dark net and its major browser, Tor, performed a key function in a recent series of excessive-profile cyber attacks that raised public attention approximately hacking to a brand new level.

Two occasions have stood out.

Last October, hackers hijacked thousands of Internet-connected gadgets in human beings’s houses and used them in an assault that knocked out popular websites within the United States, which include Netflix, PayPal, Twitter, Spotify and Airbnb.

That incident became accompanied in May by means of a extra formidable operation. Hackers unleashed WannaCry, a digital “bug” that infected extra than 230,000 computer systems worldwide with ransomware. The computer virus — essentially nasty software — froze computers’ running structures and then demanded ransom in trade for relinquishing control of those machines.

The attack disrupted health facility care in England, closed gasoline stations in elements of China, crippled a few railway operators in Germany, slowed auto manufacturing in France and interfered with FedEx’s delivery system in Europe.

“The well-known public is starting to comprehend that even as they’ve been busy with on line buying and banking and Facebook and YouTube, the darker factors of society have been developing their very own uses of the net,” stated Stephen Cobb, a researcher in the San Diego workplace of cybersecurity company ESET.

“They’re leveraging its anonymity and ubiquity to permit a extensive variety of crimes, each virtual and physical,” he brought.

For a number of reasons, things are anticipated to worsen.

It’s turning into easier to buy services and products at the dark web because of the developing recognition of Bitcoin, a digital forex that may be tough to trace.

The world also is experiencing explosive growth inside the use of web-linked gadgets, giving hackers ever extra goals. That’s specially true in people’s homes, wherein matters which include fridges, thermostats, nanny cams and toothbrushes are being connected to the internet.

Many of those devices have few or no safety functions.

In addition, hackers are becoming better at stealing and selling data, in particular digital health information, which sell for $500 apiece at the darkish internet.

d1471d7783760023d43d9e52a7fcd1a3--stop-human-trafficking-sex-trafficking.jpg (736×1204)

Despite the lots-touted achievement of the law-enforcement campaigns against AlphaBay and Hansa, investigators conflict to discover cyber criminals most of the time.

“There’s nobody to subpoena,” stated Special Agent Nicholas Arico of the FBI, who works on cyber crime instances out of the enterprise’s San Diego office.

In latest weeks, the credit score bureau Experian has been going for walks TV ads that spotlight the dark web’s risks. Such marketing is welcomed by using cyber specialists, who stated the general public is harassed by means of an awful lot of the net international — and the way it could affect their lives.

I misplaced my computer yesterday. I became a protracted bus experience that became even longer because of site visitors. I was a chunk off to start with, having gotten up in advance than common for the ride. By the time I got off the bus, my mind was mush.

I changed into sitting by using the window. The Chromebook that I had been the use of to do some writing became next to me, propped up between my seat and the wall of the bus. The Chromebook was very small (an Asus Flip with a ten.1 inch display screen), tucked away in a black sleeve, clearly hidden against the wall.

The accurate information is that whoever observed it’ll not be capable of getting right of entry to any of the files on the device. Unlike Windows and Mac laptops, there’s no easy hack around the specified password to get admission to a Chromebook. As additional protection, the documents saved on the computer are encrypted automatically by the operating device. The handiest factor the thief who stole the Chromebook can do with its miles reset it to a virgin nation.


The horrific information is that being a Defensive Computing guy, I stored a backup of what I was running on, on a USB flash force plugged into the laptop. My large mistake changed into no longer putting the flash pressure in my pocket once I became executed running.

When anybody thinks Chromebook, they assume cloud. The bus had Wi-Fi, however, it became miserably sluggish. I should have made a hotspot on my telephone for the Chromebook to connect to, however frankly, it in no way even passed off to me to backup the files I became running on to the cloud.

When it comes to the help birth of iOS and Android, you could say that Apple has Google (and nearly all of its companion OEMs) under the influence of alcohol underneath the table. Simply place, it’ll have a 2013 iPhone helping a 2017 operating machine by means of the fall.

But we have to factor out that “nearly all” Android producers aren’t always “all” manufacturers. China’s Xiaomi, as an example, has additionally publicly announced that its personal roster from the 2012 version year will take at the cutting-edge version of its custom Android interface, MIUI 9. This consists of the Xiaomi Mi 2 with the intention to flip 5 years old in November — bear in mind while the Snapdragon S-series was nevertheless around?

hp-chromebook-14-3780.jpg (1170×780)

While there are certain matters a producer can’t guide with many exclusive Android versions throughout 37 phones, Xiaomi can constantly replace aesthetics and improve its server-facet services to feed to all of us in its populace.

Microsoft is trying to tackle one in all the most important person gripes with its Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, extensively lowering the time spent updating the working device and transferring as many patches as viable to behind-the-scenes updates.

As it presently stands, the update system for Windows 10 is break up among exclusive revisions – online and offline. Online updates arise while you can nevertheless actively use your PC, even as offline updates require a reset and you can’t use your PC in any respect while they’re installing. Microsoft’s plan is to transport as many updates from offline to online because it likely can, which means more time spent the usage of your PC, less time waiting around. It’s approximate time; I can’t be by myself in occasionally spending the primary 20 mins of my running day observing a loading screen.

As it currently stands, a Windows 10 PC within the online phase can simplest test for improvements within the heritage, download them, and then watch for a reboot to be able to initialize the setup. With the changes Microsoft is outlining, person content which includes apps, settings and configurations can now be robotically sponsored up even as on line, at the same time as new OS documents can also be laid down. In idea, this must reduce the amount of time spent installing Windows 10 updates. A reboot will still be important to finalize the replace and restore content, however, the actual placement of the patch files can have already taken place.

In totality, this makes the replace method longer, but as more of it’s far taking location invisibly behind the scenes, customers shouldn’t be aware a distinction. “We didn’t need to sacrifice usability for offline time so the improve methods are run at a lower priority to provide for a fine performance,” defined Microsoft’s Jason Howard to SweClockers.

Q. I have been a committed PC consumer since the mid-1980s and have best used Windows-based totally computer systems, however, I am now contemplating a transfer to Apple and have worried. Will my external backup drives be accessed easily as soon as linked to a Mac? I don’t use the cloud because I don’t want my stuff obtainable and don’t need any additional garage prices. How do I transfer my laptop items, Google bookmarks, and so on.? Will I nonetheless be able to use Chrome?

A. Switching computer structures is a great deal easier than it was once, way to packages that assist you reproduction over your data, applications that have each Windows and Mac versions and document codecs like.JPG pics that may be effortlessly opened on the maximum computing device and cell systems. Although getting comfortable with the Mac person interface after decades of Windows may additionally make the effort, the most exertions-in depth part of the technique for many human beings is simply transferring personal facts from one computer to another.

If your external backup pressure is formatted with exFAT or another file machine the Mac can study, you could capable of copying sponsored-up records from it to the Mac. If the Mac can not examine the layout of the Windows backup pressure, you can just need to start clean through shifting the statistics you want to move from the Windows system itself to the Mac, after which putting in place a new backup machine there.


Apple’s Mac operating machine includes its very own backup application called Time Machine, and in case you intend to apply it, you could need to spend money on a new external force that you could devote to the software. You do want to format the backup power to work with Time Machine.

As for shifting your records from the Windows PC to the first location, Apple’s web site offers a unfastened, illustrated step-via-step manual to moving your files, pix, music, films and different files to a Mac. A welcome manual and a web page of recommendations for newly arrived Windows users also can be located on the Apple website online. Although you are caused to installation an Apple ID account to use the Mac App Store and a number of Apple’s services like iMessage and FaceTime, you do not need to use iCloud to shop files on line or pay a month-to-month fee.

Programs written for Windows do now not naturally run on the Mac, so you want to discover Mac-well suited versions or replacements for packages you frequently use. Google makes versions of its Chrome browser for Apple’s Mac and iOS running systems, so you can download and installation the software on the brand new laptop. Exporting your bookmarks from the Windows version and importing them to the Mac version is one way to transport them. If you sign into Chrome with a Google account, you could add just sync all your browser records routinely among gadgets.

get-windows-10-creators-update.jpg (1600×900)

Located in Boulder, Colorado, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is one of the International’s optimum scientific institutions, with an across the world diagnosed team of workers and studies software devoted to advancing information, presenting community-primarily based sources, and constructing human potential within the atmospheric and associated sciences. CGD’s venture is to: discover the key methods in every element of the Earth’s weather system and the interactions amongst them; constitute this know-how in models and thereby provide a basis for prediction of weather, and follow this understanding and those models to clinical issues of societal relevance.
The Information Staff of the Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory affords PC guide for the scientists inside the improvement of the following era earth gadget models. The laptop infrastructure includes over 500 hosts of differing operating systems. Systems include computers, servers, and HPC systems with getting admission to over 1.Five petabytes of the garage.